1. ArcheoPtide


    Heroic-fantasy Will you be brave enough to write your own Legend through these fertile lands?... Heroic-fantasy Serez-vous assez courageux pour écrire votre propre Légende à travers ces terres fertiles?...
  2. dinomoneyman

    Possible murderer found? Worried.

    So I don't frequent Gurochan because most of the stuff there is too extreme for me, but I check for hidden gems of artwork that I like sometimes. I checked the disscusion section though and found this GUROchan :: age limit for users This probably is not the right place to post this, and...
  3. Trigon

    Female MMA

    I was not sure where to post this since there is no MMA sub forum. Wrestling seems to be the closest (and there are some boxing threads here in the wrestling forum), so this seems to be a good place for MMA material (images, video, etc.) for now. A fitting start to this thread is of course the...