popped collar

  1. sclover13

    Kaguya Luna Costume [Vanilla][NormBody] V1.0

    Kaguya Luna (輝夜月) Virtual Youtuber Costume [NormyMode] This mod is a body type translation of the SB Kaguya Luna Costume mod (linked below). This mod is the vanilla version. Loader optimized version coming soon.
  2. Huitznahua

    Cana Tenrou Island Outfit 1.0

    You can find her hair in the Downloads section : Cana Alberona Static Hair Known issues : The sleeves don't appears properly in the back hand position ; The right sleeves overlap the collar when the right hand rise up...
  3. RajasGrime

    Momoyo Kawakami's Outfit 1.0

    - Breasts are fixed in size. Slider will not respond. - Vest, skirt, cups and belts are togglable. - Skirt's hue can be adjusted via the Loader tab.
  4. M

    May Costume 1.0