pokemon sword and shield

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    Klara (Pokemon) hair 1.0

    Klara from Pokemon Sword
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    Team Yell Grunt (Pokemon) hair 2.0

    Team Yell Grunt from Pokemon Sword/Shield
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    Oleana (Pokemon) hair 1.0

    Oleana from Pokemon Sword and Shield
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    Melony (Pokemon) hair 1.0

    Melony from Pokemon Shield
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    Bea (Pokemon) hair 2.0

    Bea from Pokemon Sword The skin code I chose was: Light H: 0 S: 147 L: 83 C: 100
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    Marnie (Pokemon) hairs 1.0

    Here's Marnie. Both sides are available. On the nonshaved side theres 2 variations since it covers her eye; I made one where its opaque and one where the tips of the bangs are transparent Shaved: Bangs Transparent: Bangs Opaque: [No Screenshot]