pirate warriors 3

  1. Crafted-Lightning

    Boa Hancock nude mod for One piece Pirate Warrior 3

    Download is on my DeviantArt: Mod-OPPW3-Boa Hancock nude First of all I created a menu screen for Boa, only the strawhats appear on the main menu so I have replaced Brook and now Boa Hancock is in the random changing background for the main menu. Usually I draw over the images in the game but...
  2. Crafted-Lightning

    One Piece Robin Dressrosa nude mod

    Download off of my Deviantart page: http://art-of-the-bo...utfit-594182336 (Second version now on my deviantart as well) So first I tried making the entire top half nude, but the straps from the costume stuck out from the body too much so turned the upper half of the dress into some kind of...
  3. Crafted-Lightning

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 - Nude Nami mod

    Mod includes see through bra, or could be seen as just strings as that's what I was intending to do. Added black stockings as well as shoes changed to black with most of the clothing. Menu select and main menu image are now nude images of Nami, I have drawn over the original images to make her...
  4. YourNightmare

    [One Piece Pirate Warriors 3] Tashigi Sexy Demonic Mod/Akatasuki

    Hey guys, here is my new mod for Tashigi's Shambles outfit. You find some Screenshots below. As you can see, there is a version with her glasses and one without. On her back is written "Akatsuki" in Japanese and I gave her red demonic eyes. The rest is clear I guess. Just drag&drop...
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