1. ds14048

    pink dildo with handle 1.0

    pink dildo with handle stand alone pink dildo penis a is just dildo penis b is dildo and arm
  2. Xenosphere

    Male Inkling hair 2 - Pink 2018-09-02

    Both this and the old blue male inkling hair will be replaced with Zip files containing multiple of the same hair with different colours.
  3. edgelord 3000

    Heart Eyes - pink version 2018-02-04

    Replaces her pupil with a somewhat subtle pink heart. Requires loader. Also check out the red version.
  4. Maineim

    Blindfold over the head 2017-01-28

  5. Maineim

    Blindfold over the eyes 2017-01-28

  6. S

    Strelok's Pink Heart Socks 1.0

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rolled down socks with pink hearts! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  7. superduper2019

    Stephanie Costume 1.0

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