1. V

    Flash performance tip

    I just discovered this and I'm surprised this wasn't brought up in other performance related thread but if you want to play in fullscreen or at a reasonable window size, you can get a pretty big fps gain by lowering your desktop resolution. Just by lowering it to 720p (I have a 900p screen) I...
  2. khalifa

    Flash projector performance

    I am having trouble using the loader through the Adobe Flash projector. While in a small window the game runs fine for me (about 30 fps). it is unplayable in fullscreen (around 12 fps). I tried to change settings in nvidea control panel but that does not seem to affect it a lot. Anyone got an...
  3. MrMetaldong

    Memory, Hardware Acceleration and Strand Shaders, Window Size, Quality Setting

    It doesn't seem that SDT is able to take advantage of a super duper GPU very effectively, but a few things I've noticed seem to indicate that, to a certain, minimal degree, it's able to. The first thing is strand shaders. Turning them on or off has no discernible impact on performance for me...