1. R

    Marina (Splatoon 2) head/hair 2.0

    The Skin code I chose: Dark H: 7 S: 122 L: 108 C: 100 Marina as she appears in Splatoon 2 (Eye mask was lifted from Inkling by @D-Oxygen ) Here is no headphones variant: Here is her Octo-Expansion added Bandana variant:
  2. P

    Link (TLoZ BotW) Static Hair 2019-01-13

  3. R

    Mipha (TLoZ BotW) head 2.0

    Here's another fish lady. Also it kinda looks fine without it but I use a mod to keep her eyes open here Update: I added a clothing guide for her at the bottom. Here's the matching skin color numbers: Light H: -123 S: 47 L: 100 C: 100 Here's without the head adornments...
  4. casketa

    Adeleine Static Hair 2019-01-04

    Kirby 64's painter Adeleine's hair
  5. TurboSnike

    SDT Request: Dr Coyale from ARMS

    I tried to find as may references as I could. Static is fine [USELESS ATTACHMENTS REMOVED BY A STAFF MEMBER]
  6. TurboSnike

    Min Min from ARMS request filled

    Could someone please to a hair for Min Min from the game ARMS? I put as many references as I could find Moved to filled requests see link in post Min Min from ARMS request filled
  7. KilluaTheWeeb

    Ribbon Girl from Arms?

    (My first request- so I'm trying to go off of what the rules are, so correct me please if need be.) -RIBBON GIRL- (ARMS) Ideally I'd like them to be .SWF mods/files (whatever lmao) I'd like separate pieces for the clothing articles. Seeing as the static Hair already exists, I'm asking for the...
  8. Ryonaneer

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Tutturu~ Soooo you know me n' how me likey Nintendo ladies~ The new Fire Emblem game on mobile is free to play and has some really nice artwork! Every character has different full body shots, buuuuut for a ryona thread it makes sense to post the battle damage pics, right? Nnin has post a...
  9. Sieg Warheit

    Efie's Armor 1.1

    If you don't have it, here is the link of Efie's hair (maded by @D-Oxygen): Effie Static Hair
  10. T

    Splatoon Imports

    For those who like splatoon :). I am no special artist but its not that bad If I say my self :D Update ! Version 3 -Better quality ! -More Colours ! [attach=1] [attach=3] [attach=4] [attach=5] [attach=6] [attach=7] [attach=2]
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