1. L

    How do I edit part of someone else's hair model out and save it without having problems?

    So I downloaded roguesrus' hair mod for Marina from Splatoon 2, and when I used it, I realized she had a tiny fang. I love myself a snaggletooth, don't get me wrong. And I know she has fangs in the game, but it just doesn't seem like it fits in SDT to me, so I want to edit it out. Is there a way...
  2. R

    Marina (Splatoon 2) head/hair 2020-12-23

    The Skin code I chose: Dark H: 7 S: 122 L: 108 C: 100 Marina as she appears in Splatoon 2 (Eye mask was lifted from Inkling by @D-Oxygen ) Here is no headphones variant: Here is her Octo-Expansion added Bandana variant:
  3. BamonSwanqueen

    Requesting Marina from Splatoon 2.

    Hello to all of you people. I think a lot of you know the girl i'm talking about, and I'm sorry but i'm so not good in drawings and things like this, i never was. That's why i'm studying something completely different. However, here some pics of her...
  4. KingFuzzy

    Marina static hair 2.0

    Char code used above : charName:SD...
  5. Mineur

    Marina Static Hair 1.0