loose socks

  1. Huitznahua

    Kan-u Unchou outfit 1.0

    Static Hair by @RajasGrime. charName:Kan-u;bodyScale:1.015;hair:sdchan,1,1;iris:normal,57,41,74,1;breasts:93;skin:light;lipstick:0,0,0,0,0;eyeshadow:0,0,0,0;sclera:255,255,255,1;blush:196,80,77,0.35;mascara:0,0,0,1;eyebrow:57,29,86,1,33,12,51,1;skinhsl:2,1.95,0.79,1;collar:none;cuffs:none;gag:none;
  2. M

    Big Socks 1

  3. Huitznahua

    Miki Hoshii Outfit 1.0

    Thanks to @stuntcock for his help. You can find the hair on the Zoltan's Sanctuary. Known issues : The outfit won't load properly through a character folder ; I highly recommand you to use the last loader version (currently v5.45) ; The belly chain isn't animated for now (the script to...
  4. Huitznahua

    High Heel Loose Socks 1.0

    RG1 for the loose socks, RGB2 for the high heel. Known issues : Both the high heel and the socks are registered as footwear.