1. Perdition

    Egyptian Tattoos X+5

    Various RGB adjustable Egyptian themed tattoos. Ankh, for arm, pubic, back ankle and butt, hieroglyphs and Madjed for arm and butt.
  2. khalifa

    Leather Leggings/Jeans for SDT _ Already made

    EDIT: Already made, see link in next post. As you can guess i'm requesting lether styled leggings or jeans (see references) which should be somekind of shiny. RGB would be nice but black is most common and probably much easier to create, so i'm fine with that...
  3. C

    Medium Ass And Legs 2017-07-30

    This is a loader mod that gives the girl a 'medium' build on her lower body, so named because it falls halfway between the vanilla and Thicker Ass And Legs mod. The vanilla build is somewhat thin, and this is intended to look more muscular or filled out. Please note that, unlike the thicker...
  4. V

    Leg ribbons/wraps

    Hello everyone! I've been wondering if somebody could maybe make leg ribbons/ leg wraps as a legwear perhaps? There's something quite similar, like leg ribbons https://www.undertow.club/attachments/leg-ribbons-png.34156/ (by Kir Kir's imports [Added Dynamic hair: Frenda Seivelun from Toaru...
  5. Iago

    Tattoo (Thigh Butterfly) 1.0

    Body mod. Not RGB adjustable.
  6. Iago

    Tattoo (Calf Seahorse) 1.0

    Body mod. Not RGB adjustable.
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