1. Colonial Marine outfit

    Colonial Marine outfit 1.0

    Colonial Marine outfit from Aliens
  2. Mike's Lara costume: Unholstered

    Mike's Lara costume: Unholstered 2018-06-15

    Gun removed from holster
  3. Accessories  - Thigh Gun Holster

    Accessories - Thigh Gun Holster V1.0

    Thigh Mounted Gun Holster
  4. The Punisher

    The Punisher 1.0

    Replaces the male character with the muscular antihero Frank Castle (The Punisher) of Marvel Comics
  5. Riza Hawkeye

    Riza Hawkeye 1.0

    Military uniform and weapons for lieutenant Riza Hawkeye (Lisa Hawkeye) of Fullmetal Alchemist
  6. Thigh Side Arm

    Thigh Side Arm 1.0

    Holster strapped to the right leg, containing a small pistol
  7. Selene Mod

    Selene Mod 1.0

    Latex bodysuit and combat gear, based on Selene from the Underworld film series
  8. Helena RE6 Outfit

    Helena RE6 Outfit 1.0

    Stylish yet professional outfit worn by secret service agent Helena Harper of Resident Evil 6
  9. Riza Hawkeye

    Riza Hawkeye 1.0

    Military uniform worn by Riza Hawkeye of Fullmetal Alchemist
  10. Trinity

    Trinity 1.0

    Glossy black bodysuit and accessories worn by Trinity of the Matrix films
  11. EVA Unzipped Uniform

    EVA Unzipped Uniform 1.0

    Seductive military fatigues worn by EVA (Tatyana) of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
  12. Female Soldier

    Female Soldier 1.0

    Dynamic hairstyle and outfit for a female soldier


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