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higurashi no naku koro ni

  1. xXxkawiihugsxXxcolonthree

    Satoko Static Hair 1.0

  2. xXxkawiihugsxXxcolonthree

    Shion Static Hair 1.0

  3. xXxkawiihugsxXxcolonthree

    Rika Static Hair 1.0

  4. xXxkawiihugsxXxcolonthree

    Rena Static Hair 1.0

  5. xXxkawiihugsxXxcolonthree

    Mion Static Hair 1.0

  6. F

    Sonozaki Shion(Higurashi) school and waiter uniforms

    I'm wondering if someone could make Shion from Higurashi's school uniform and her Angel Mort waiter's uniform. Someone already did her hair here: https://www.undertow.club/threads/higurashi-when-they-cry.5443/ If you would like any additional reference pictures let me know
  7. sandman_2010

    Rena Ryuugu Static Hair 2.0

  8. SunDial29

    Higurashi When They Cry

    Some reference shots from Rena,Shion,Mion,Satako,Rika.I can't get good shot of Miyo Takano.If someone can please post.
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