1. BlueZephyr

    Heart Pasties Template Swap

    I'd like to request a revision of Faceless's Heart Pasties mod. I would ask him in pm but he hasn't been online since December last year nor does his name appear in the search. The change I'd like made is a version that works on the CostumeBra template so I can change its rgb with the bra...
  2. Heart Garters

    Heart Garters 1.1

    Thigh garters with heart shaped ring
  3. Heart Choker

    Heart Choker 1.0

    Choker necklace with heart pattern
  4. Ann Takamaki's Earrings (Persona 5 Strikers)

    Ann Takamaki's Earrings (Persona 5 Strikers) 1.0

    RGB adjustable
  5. Valentine's Heart Pasties

    Valentine's Heart Pasties 1.0

    Little heart sticker for her nips
  6. Locked Heart Earrings

    Locked Heart Earrings 2019-11-30

    RGB adjustable heart shaped lock earrings
  7. Lost Memory Earrings

    Lost Memory Earrings 2019-02-24

    RGB adjustable heart shaped earrings based on the Lost Memory keychain from Kingdom Hearts
  8. Heart Mom & Heart Daddy

    Heart Mom & Heart Daddy 2018-09-11

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a heart with mom or daddy written on it
  9. Chained Heart Tattoo

    Chained Heart Tattoo 2018-09-09

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a chained, winged heart on the back of her neck
  10. Heart Womb Tramp Stamp

    Heart Womb Tramp Stamp 2018-03-13

    The Heart Womb Tattoo from Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena placed on her lower back
  11. Heart Womb Pubic Tattoo

    Heart Womb Pubic Tattoo 2018-03-08

    The Heart Womb Tattoo from Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena on her above her crotch
  12. Heart Eyes - red version

    Heart Eyes - red version 2018-02-15

    Replaces her pupil with a red heart
  13. Heart Eyes - pink version

    Heart Eyes - pink version 2018-02-04

    Replaces her pupil with a pink heart
  14. Link Hearts

    Link Hearts 1.0

    Provides an on-screen indicator of the girl's stamina, based on the UI from The Legend of Zelda
  15. Academy Ahri Static Hair

    Academy Ahri Static Hair 1.0

    Static hair mod for League of Legends character Ahri in her Academy outfit.
  16. Flowers Dynamic Hair Ornament (1)

    Flowers Dynamic Hair Ornament (1) 1.1

    RGB shiftable flowers with dynamic pendants hair ornament


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