1. C

    Handcuffs (moreclothing compatible) 2021-04-10

    A moreclothing compatible version of the classic Handcuffs mod originally uploaded by Hank East and subsequently by sharklasers (Handcuffs). Please add this line to your moreclothingvXsettings.txt: Handcuffs.swf=Handcuffs:CostumeArmwear>CostumeCuffs Please let me know if there are problems.
  2. dantethedarkprince

    Poison 1.0

  3. K

    Poison Character Mod 1.0

    Note: this mod includes a custom Audio Dialogue with some voiced lines from the Street Fighter games. Note: the handcuff and wristband are unique assets. The other elements shown above are vanilla items; they'll be activated automatically when the mod is loaded.