1. Perdition

    Miyabi Butterfly Accessory 2019-11-30

    RGB adjustable butterfly shaped accessories worn by Miyabi from 'The Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me.'
  2. Perdition

    RGB Aria Earrings 2018-04-15

    Based on @marlow brandon's 'Aria Dynamic Hairstyle' mod, this mod isolates the earrings and makes them RGB adjustable.
  3. Perdition

    Mushroom Earrings 2018-04-03

    Earrings shaped like the Super Mario mushrooms with a gem for the center spot. This mod is RGB adjustable with both earring color sliders.
  4. Perdition

    Hana Kirisaki Earrings 2018-04-01

    Earrings worn by Hana Kirisaki from Nisekoi. This mod is also RGB adjustable.
  5. Perdition

    Nipple Gem Piercings 2018-03-17

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's ''Rachel Outfit' mod. This mod modified the earring piercings, made them rgb adustable and placed them in the nipple piercing slot.
  6. dantethedarkprince

    Broly Mod 1.0

  7. dantethedarkprince

    Waist Chain #1 1.0

  8. D-Oxygen

    Olivia Static Hair 1.0

    Top by Iago | Default Boy Shorts Suggested body...