flash player projector

  1. M

    What is the best flash player edition for weewillies slave mod?

    I heard that the older editions load faster from sbys loader pack, and he includes flash player 11, but the wee willie slave mod requires at least flash player 13. Its running noticeably slow, and there is some input lag in the menus, and I was hoping an older edition might smooth thing out. I'm...
  2. kinkman

    running flash player projector (32 bit stand alone) in AMD64 linux?

    1st i'm posting this here as we don't seem to have a 'help' area. i'm trying to get the linux version of flash player projector 11.2 32 bit to run in debian 8.3 AMD64. i've downloaded it, and tried running it from my home folder. clicking it (KDE plasma) does nothing. tried installing...
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