female hair

  1. TyranntX

    Karen Tendou from Gamers please

    Dynamic if possible. Sorry for the bad Sconces. There are HARDLY any good images of her from the side. [EDIT]^Best non-gif I could get. So if some one could create a dynamic hair of this chick, that would be great. Thanks in advance
  2. dark_knight17

    Mordred - Fate Apocrypha 2018-03-11

    Original thread found here...
  3. J

    Furisode Girls

    Can someone make the Furisode girls from pokemon X and Y please? (Outfit is optional, just the hair) Thanks! http://rule34-data-003.paheal.net/_images/9a9e9de7f828a08c945f9e91841a1f40/1815356 - Porkyman NPC_Trainer Revolverwingstudios Furisode_Girl.jpg http://prntscr.com/fkpz9s
  4. dark_knight17

    Kali Beladonna - RWBY 2017-05-06

    Original thread here...
  5. dark_knight17

    Kotone Fujisaki - Keijo!!!!!!!! 2017-04-23

    The bikini featured in the above image is the Bikini Stripes made by @Huitznahua...