1. dantethedarkprince

    Fangs Tattoo 1.0

  2. Crafted-Lightning

    Final Fantasy 13 Fang nude mod

    Download off of my DeviantArt Mod-FF13-Fang nude, torn clothes V2 Uses Texmod but I had a problem running in fullscreen, I've made a guide on my other DeviantArt how to run in fullscreen but mine didn't work like it should, but it may work for you. Final Fantasy 13 with Texmod + fullscreen
  3. Faron

    Chrysalis Static Hair Hair+Snout+Fang

    The standard download for this hairstyle includes the snout and fang, because that version seemed to be more popular. It exhibits slight alignment errors (the underside of the snout doesn't match the upper lip perfectly) but this defect is rarely noticeable during normal gameplay. If you would...
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