fairly oddparents

  1. S

    Vicky static hair 1.0

    I am new and I am starting to make my own hair, I will make requests if requested. I would appreciate your comments
  2. Firestorm5

    Timmy and Vicky (fairly odd parents)

    This dialogue is between Vicky and Timmy Turner (obviously aged up from magic and shit) Vicky will insult and demand Timmy while degrading herself as its in her masochistic nature to be brutalized by him. any problems improvements or complaints and I'll get right on them. i could do a fallow up...
  3. rle68

    Fairly odd parents

    here is a bed room background i worked on .. had to remove alot of stuff and add a few things to make it look right side note dialogue is work in progress.. included here simply to spark more ideas
  4. A

    Fairly Odd Parents

    I looked and didn't see anything so here it goes... I request Wanda and Vicky. Side shots were hard to come by since they have the same angle in every shot. I just named this "Fairly Odd Parents" so that other may suggest stuff as well, like Trixie Tang, etc. Wanda...