1. Dorumeka

    [W.I.P.] Ryona Assassins (Zako/Guro/Ryona)

    Hi! I’m Dorumeka, the creator of Ryona Assassins, an ecchi game in development where you fight against sexy ninja girls that seek to destroy you! As a private investigator, you are contracted by a big organization that wants you to get some dangerous intel for them, at any cost. You will have to...
  2. solgeth

    Solgeth Tournament 1 Complete!

    What a battle! What a mess... Check out the results of our general poll. If you're really into us, join the Council! You could win free art!
  3. solgeth

    Solgeth Website Launch

    So basically, this is a site which will feature a melee between 8 women warriors every month. You can enter your own characters and watch as winners emerge and losers get ripped limb from limb! The more peple participate, the more special features and bonus artwork we receive. We've got 8 girls...
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