detached sleeves

  1. Cute Little Witch Top

    Cute Little Witch Top 2019-04-20

    RGB adjustable top worn by Dantethedarkprince's witch
  2. Dizzy Sleeves

    Dizzy Sleeves 2018-08-29

    RGB adjustable sleeves worn by Dizzy from Guilty Gear
  3. Rose

    Rose 1.0

    Rose from Street Fighter
  4. Shamsiel Mod

    Shamsiel Mod 1.0

    Skimpy costume, wings, and tail for succubus Shamsiel Shahar from the hentai series Kyonyuu Fantasy
  5. Rikku Outfit

    Rikku Outfit 1.0

    Skimpy outfit worn by Rikku, the Al Bhed Sphere Hunter in Final Fantasy X-2
  6. Twiska Outfit

    Twiska Outfit 1.0

    Revealing evil-themed fetish outfit worn by succubus Twiska (ツィスカ) of Brandish
  7. Gaige Mod

    Gaige Mod 1.0

    Replaces the girl with Gaige from Borderlands 2. Includes full costume and robotic claws.
  8. Exia Stockings 1

    Exia Stockings 1 1.0

    Leggings and sleeves based on the Exia armor set from the Tera MMORPG
  9. Marie Rose Outfit

    Marie Rose Outfit 1.0

    Skimpy fighting costume worn by Marie Rose of Dead Or Alive 5
  10. Morrighan Outfit

    Morrighan Outfit 1.0

    Skimpy robes and black wings for Morrighan of the Mabinogi MMORPG
  11. Rachel Outfit

    Rachel Outfit 1.0

    Sexy black fighting costume worn by Rachel of Dead or Alive
  12. Kasumi - White Outfit

    Kasumi - White Outfit 2.0

    White fighting costume worn by Kasumi of Dead or Alive
  13. Kasumi - Black Outfit

    Kasumi - Black Outfit 1.0

    Black fighting costume worn by Kasumi of Dead or Alive
  14. Helena - Blue Bodysuit

    Helena - Blue Bodysuit 1.0

    Helena Douglas - Blue Body Suit
  15. Chocobo Outfit

    Chocobo Outfit 1.0

    Skimpy stylized costume resembling a Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series
  16. Miqo'te Costume

    Miqo'te Costume 1.0

    Skimpy clothing worn by a Miqo'te character in Final Fantasy XIV
  17. Juri Han Costume

    Juri Han Costume 1.0

    Skimpy martial arts costume for Juri Han of Super Street Fighter IV
  18. Mami Magical Girl Costume

    Mami Magical Girl Costume 1.0

    Magical-girl clothing for Mami Tomoe of Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  19. Kyoko Magical Girl Costume

    Kyoko Magical Girl Costume 1.0

    Magical-girl clothing for Kyoko Sakura of Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  20. Inori Costume

    Inori Costume 1.0

    Flamboyant fighting outfit worn by Inori Yuzuriha of Guilty Crown

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