1. savage_w!ll!@m

    My Dialouge Requests

    I've looked high and low for these dialogue's and so here are the dialogue's I need: Vinyl Scratch AKA Dj pon3(MLP), Neo (RWBY), Weiss Schnee, D.va(Overwatch), Asuna Yuuki(SAO), Hestia(Danmachi). if anyone could find or create these it'd be much appreciated.
  2. Mineur

    Freya Static Hair 1.0

    Low Back Frilly Tight Dress...
  3. Mineur

    Arnya Fromel Static Hair 1.0

  4. Mineur

    Tione Hiryute Static Hair 1.0

    Cleavage Bikini charName:Tione...
  5. Mineur

    Tiona Hiryute Static Hair 1.0

    Strapless Bikini charName:Tiona...
  6. Mineur

    Ryuu Lion Static Hair 1.0

  7. Mineur

    Loki Static Hair 1.0

    Midriff Cleavage Top Tank...
  8. Mineur

    Liliruca Arde Static Hair 1.0

  9. Mineur

    Hestia Static Hair 1.0

    Low Back Tight Dress...
  10. Mineur

    Aiz Wallenstein Static Hair 1.0

    Low Back Side Slit Tight Dress charName:Ais...
  11. Mineur

    Eina Tulle Static Hair 1.0

  12. Mineur

    Syr Flova Static Hair 1.0