1. Perdition

    Xenovia Cross 2019-11-29

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Xenovia Combat Uniform' mod, this mod isolates the cross, makes some adjustments, and makes it RGB adjustable.
  2. Perdition

    Cross Waist Chain 2019-10-27

    RGB adjustable waist chain with a cross attached. Uses the bottoms slot and secondary RGB slider.
  3. Perdition

    Irina Combat Top 2019-04-06

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Shidou Irina Combat Uniform' mod, this mod isolates the top and collar and makes them RGB adjustable. Is NOT breast slider adjustable.
  4. BrokenToaster

    Studded Belt with Chain and Cross Accessory V1.0

    ***Please note: This download contains a compressed folder with two mods. One mod is just the Chain and Cross accessory. The other is has the studded belt included. ***Please also note: This mod was designed to be used with my Pleated Micro Skirt mods. It can be used with other bottoms but the...
  5. Perdition

    Thomas Cross Earing 2018-03-30

    Based on @BrokenToaster's '~Accessories - Color Studded Belt - RGB 2 Color Main Fill and Studs' mod, this mod isolates the St. Thomas cross and makes it RGB adjustable.
  6. D-Oxygen

    Elphelt Static Hair 1.0

    Top is a mix between these three mods Suggested body...
  7. RajasGrime

    Silver cross earring 1.0

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