1. Perdition

    RGB Cow-Print Legwear 2018-11-23

    Based on @superduper2019's 'Cow-Print Stockins' mod, this mod modifies them slightly and makes them RGB adjustable.
  2. dantethedarkprince

    Minecraft Barn 1.0

  3. superduper2019

    Cow Girl Static Hairstyle 1.0

    Because the hairstyle is almost entirely grey, it does not respond effectively to the Hue slider. Therefore, an alternative version is available. It is shown in the preview screenshot (at right) - it is is bright red. Since this version includes chroma information, it can be effectively...
  4. superduper2019

    Cow-print hairband 1.0

  5. superduper2019

    Cow-print stockings 1.0

  6. superduper2019

    Cow-print gloves 1.0

    Please note that these gloves are a vanilla import. Therefore, they do not animate correctly during Handjob mode and the forearm section will disappear when the arms are placed behind her back.
  7. superduper2019

    Cowbell Collar 1.0

  8. superduper2019

    Cow Girl 1.0

    A hooves mod is also available. If you decide to use it, then please remember to load it before the Cow mod...
  9. Huitznahua

    Bikini Cow 1.4

    Thanks to : @stuntcock without whom this project would not have been possible ; @sby too for his help. Features : RGB1 for main Fill, RGB2 for straps and the extend strap-colors ; Straps connected to the bikini cups ; Animated knots which bounce with the movements ; Highly detailed...