chloe price

  1. R

    Chloe Price (Life is Strange) hair 2.0

    EDIT: This has been updated to version 2.0 to be 2D here --------------------------------- Attempt at Chloe; again it's "3D looking" cuz I just lifted it from the reference here. I also think the color balance for this one is subjective (I suck at it / it's not consistent in the LiS game...
  2. S

    Request for Chloe Price Hair mod

    Can someone find the time to create a Chloe Price from Life is Strange Hair mod?
  3. Crafted-Lightning

    Life is Strange - Chloe nude mod

    Download off of my DeviantArt: Mod-LIS-Chloe nude all episodes Details on this mod: sometimes the nipples will change shape and become quite distorted as this is a texture mod and placed on Chloe's vest, the vest is fabric and gets distorted depending on Chloe's position or movement. I had...
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