1. Masterdragon

    Nitocris hair (Semi-Dynamic) 1.0.1

    Semi dynamic hair (meaning it moves, but only a little), for Nitocris from the Fate series. Caster version. Tried to make the the pigtails more dynamic, but then they look like they broke cause I couldn't get the rotation points to look smooth. PS: Yes, the is that long. Requested by @Hank East
  2. N

    Caster Static Hairstyle 1.0

    Light Skin iris:normal,100,104,161,1;breasts:57;skin:light;lipstick:1,94,116,215;1;eyeshadow:55,26,99,1;eyebrow:112,114,199,1,36,40,82,1; Pale Skin iris:normal,100,104,161,1;breasts:57;skin:pale;lipstick:1,94,116,215;1;eyeshadow:55,26,99,1;eyebrow:112,114,199,1,36,40,82,1; Hooded hairstyle...