capri pants

  1. dantethedarkprince

    Tsunade Outfit 1.0

    Note: this costume is not compatible with the breast slider. It will set the girl's breasts to the correct size when the SWF file is loaded, but any subsequent size adjustment will cause the breasts to fall out or clip through the fabric.
  2. Ah P

    Cube Costume 1.0

  3. kurt7040

    Kitty Pryde Casual Outfit 1.0

  4. Sombra

    Iris Costume 1.0

  5. Huitznahua

    Cana Tenrou Island Outfit 1.0

    You can find her hair in the Downloads section : Cana Alberona Static Hair Known issues : The sleeves don't appears properly in the back hand position ; The right sleeves overlap the collar when the right hand rise up...
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