booty farm

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    Sarah (Booty Farm) hairs 1.0

    Sarah from Booty Farm comes in Blonde; Highlights (the one that has pink ends); and White also comes with no headband as shown below also some other headbands colors available; no screenshots
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    Stella (Booty Farm) hair 1.0

    Stella from Booty Farm; different versions shown
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    Katya (Booty Farm) hair 1.0

    Katya from Booty Farm
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    Emma (Booty Farm) hair 1.0

    Emma from Booty Farm; different versions shown below
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    Ginny (Booty Farm) hair 1.0

    Ginny from Booty farm; different styles shown the skin code i chose was Skin: Light H: 3 S: 213 L: 81 C: 100
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    Mindy (Booty Farm) hair 1.0

    Mindy from Booty Farm; different hair versions shown below