1. DigitalSmutExports

    Blindfold 1.0

    An RGB adjustable blindfold for Super Deepthroat. There are two versions - The one shown in the screenshot is Blindfold Over. Some hair mods don't fit this because the hairstyle is complex and/or because the modder used weird layers for it. For some - but not all - of these hairs Blindfold...
  2. K

    Wonder Woman Blindfold 1.0

  3. Maineim

    Blindfold over the head 2017-01-28

  4. Maineim

    Blindfold over the eyes 2017-01-28

  5. Shade

    Bridgette Static Hair 1.0

  6. V

    Adjustable bondage hood 1.0

    Hold the Shift key and Left-Click on each section to toggle its visibility. The collar section can be recolored via the Collar.RGB sliders. Please note that this change will not apply to the hood, straps, blindfold, etc... Those sections will remain black.