1. R

    Bless Online - Special Shop Nude Mod 1

    a Important: For races with human skin (Includes elf), there is a bug, in which there are no toes. This mod replaces special shop costumes. I recommend using the mod and previewing the costumes before buying them. Currently each costume is sold for 2,600 Lumenas and 1,200 Lumenas = $9.99...
  2. G

    Bless Online Mod

    I was wondering if anyone knows of or could make a semi-nude mod for this game (Bless | Политика. Власть. Сила | Построй свою империю в новой революционной MMORPG). Although right now it's accessible only through Korean servers and Russian Open Beta, you can log in quite easily with a free vpn...
  3. Naduron

    Bless - Mods & Nude Mods [KR]

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