black desert online file extractor

  1. Zaronia

    Is there a way to Custom character export for Black Desert

    Hello there, I would like to know if it is a possible way to export your 3D custom character in black desert. For example with the edited face, height, muscles, etc, as a single or separate mesh(es). Hope some of you expert people have/know a way to do that. I'm really sorry if it isn't the...
  2. A

    Black Desert Online FOV

    Hello, after some time browsing around and using the meta injector, and the pazextractor, i looked around and tried to do this myself, but im at a loss here, i found some weird fx files related to the fov camera, but i cant make sense of it since i never worked with this type of stuff. Anyway...
  3. BlackFireBR

    Black Desert Online Modding Tools

    META INJECTOR What is this: This tool allows you to put modified files inside the game. Download Link: Meta Injector requires: BDO Toolkit Instructions: 1 - Extract both the MetaInjector and the BDOToolkit zip file to your "PAZ\" folder, which is located inside your installation folder...
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