1. superduper2019

    Kari Costume 1.0

  2. superduper2019

    Ace Trainer 1.0

  3. Sombra

    Flannery Gym Leader Outfit 1.0

  4. Huitznahua

    Cana Tenrou Island Outfit 1.0

    You can find her hair in the Downloads section : Cana Alberona Static Hair Known issues : The sleeves don't appears properly in the back hand position ; The right sleeves overlap the collar when the right hand rise up...
  5. Huitznahua

    Haruka Amami outfit 1.0

    You can find the hair on the Zoltan's Sanctuary...
  6. C

    Raven Costume 1.0

    Background and transformation effects are shown in the screenshot above The transformation is a feature of the Raven Cowl. The costume itself is static and has no special behavior
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