belly punches

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    Movies / TV Star Wars: A Woman in Power

    “Viceroy Gunray, I ask you point-blank!” Sio Bibble demanded. “How will you explain this invasion to the Senate?” The Neimoidian’s flat reptilian countenance managed to a small flicker of humor. “The Naboo and the Federation will forge a treaty that will legitimize our occupation here. I've...
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    Movies / TV I Know What the Stuntman Did

    “Okay we need to stand shoulder to shoulder, on camera it will look like we are facing each other and you can do your reaction safely.” Jennifer’s eyebrows knitted together and she flashed her big famous smile. “Safely?” Alex the stunt coordinator was all business, it was his job to make...
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    Agony - Amber McAlester, Belle Fatale

    Trailer Sunder is normally impervious to pain, but this time the champion of justice is in for quite a shock. Her arch enemy, Agony, is armed with kryptonite charged weapons. And, knowing where Sunder is most vulnerable, the evil...


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