1. Foot Bandages Revision

    Foot Bandages Revision v2

    Quick Fix
  2. Mummy Legwear

    Mummy Legwear 2018-11-12

    RGB adjustable bandages worn on the legs of Clayman8's, Mummy Girl
  3. Bandage Bottoms

    Bandage Bottoms 2018-08-06

    RGB adjustable bandages wrapped around her lower body
  4. Mummy Girl

    Mummy Girl 1.0

    Mummy Girl : Clayman8 entrie from halloween contest
  5. Eye Bandages

    Eye Bandages 2018-04-15

    RGB Adjustable wrapped bandages over her eye
  6. Arm Wrappings

    Arm Wrappings V1.2

    RGB adjustable arm wrappings
  7. Yang Xiao Long Volume 4 Outfit (Bandaged Arm)

    Yang Xiao Long Volume 4 Outfit (Bandaged Arm) 2017-08-13

    Based on Volume 4 (Yang without her jacket, before getting her new arm)
  8. Leeloo Outfit

    Leeloo Outfit 1.0

    Skimpy "thermal bandages" worn by Leeloo Dallas in The Fifth Element
  9. Iroha Mod

    Iroha Mod 1.0

    Hairstyle and fighting costume based on Iroha of Samurai Shodown VI
  10. Bandaged Feet (Vanilla)

    Bandaged Feet (Vanilla) 1

    Bandages wrapped around the girl's feet, repackaged as a vanilla import
  11. Psycho Penis

    Psycho Penis 1.0

    Replaces the penis with that of a Psycho from Borderlands
  12. Psycho Him

    Psycho Him 1.0

    Replaces the male character with a Psycho from Borderlands
  13. Bandaged Feet

    Bandaged Feet 1.0

    Bandages wrapped around the girl's feet
  14. Shaak Ti Costume

    Shaak Ti Costume 1.0

    Body details and ragged "slave" clothing for Shaak Ti of Star Wars
  15. Ino Costume

    Ino Costume 1.0

    Bandages, sandals, sleeves, and loose top worn by Ino Yamanaka (pre-timeskip) of Naruto

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