1. Jaxx

    School Rumble Underground (English, French)

    Hello everyone, started over a year ago - yeah... it's been a long time, @DrZombi and @Slingerbult (if he ever comes back) will tell you :grin: - I am happy to finally release this dialog. School Rumble Underground isn't meant to be played, it's mostly a story, you almost don't have to do...
  2. ds14048

    Some Backgrounds

    Here are some of my backgrounds
  3. Scoopy

    Sci-fi Apartment 2017-07-03

    Sci-fi apartment with animated viewing window. In the future everyone lives in a box. So Dystopian.
  4. ArcheoPtide

    What the...?

    What the...? And yes, it's the end of the journey. We saw the country together. I pretty much found everything I was looking for. Happy ^^ These are the last ones before I start writing my own dialogue in French(Ah, yes ..!). I hope you enjoyed the scenery. Quoi...? Et oui, c'est la fin du...
  5. SyntaxTerror

    Dante's Backgrounds

    Here are @dantethedarkprince's static backgrounds. Click on images for a full size view and download link. (links open in a new tab) Various Frozen - Hall, Hayloft, SD chan's bedroom Minecraft Barn, Blacksmith, Church Farm, Forest, Gatehouse House, Inn, Library Village
  6. ArcheoPtide

    Around the world

    Around the world "I'm afraid that I'll be unavailable for the entire duration of the trip. You know I decided to do a digital detox. It's to promote my discovery of new cultures, things like that.." Autour du monde "Je crains d'être injoignable pendant toute la durée du voyage. Tu sais j'ai...
  7. lostart

    Realistic Dungeons, Basements, Spooky Rooms, etc...

    I like backgrounds that feel like the characters are really in a tangible space. So I started making my own backgrounds with more appropriate proportions of objects, depth of field and subject matter. The situations some of these backgrounds hint at are also a little more "gritty" than other...
  8. ArcheoPtide

    In nature

    In nature Sometimes the body ask for a return to the natural. And it is normal to take care of our privileged partner. Ah the desire to explore new land.. Dans la nature Parfois, le corps demande un retour au naturel. Et c'est bien normal de prendre soin de notre partenaire privilégié...
  9. Blue Lightning

    Alien Princess backgrounds

    A few backgrounds I made for use with MalCharacer's original Alien Princess dialogues or my combined/extended version. AKA some backgrounds with crashed UFOs in them.
  10. ArcheoPtide


    Heroic-fantasy Will you be brave enough to write your own Legend through these fertile lands?... Heroic-fantasy Serez-vous assez courageux pour écrire votre propre Légende à travers ces terres fertiles?...
  11. N

    My Milf Backgrounds

    Backgrounds with milf's.
  12. ArcheoPtide


    Hungry Hello everybody! For my first post here I propose some backgrounds slightly different. When I have sexual desire for a woman, I think I really want to eat her! Not for real of course. But I want so bad her body. I want she belongs to me! That's why I like to pretend(gently) to bite my...
  13. AssassinAzn

    AssassinAzn's Backgrounds

  14. Macnagum

    Macnagum's backgrounds (700x825) (realistic perspective)

    All these backgrounds offer a realistic perspective for the player. Characters are to scale with the environment and the viewing angle corresponds to that of the game (a good tutorial here). I'm trying to make the best backgrounds for a specific situation : beach, bathroom, bedroom, desert...
  15. SyntaxTerror

    SyntaxTerror's 880 Backgrounds (new HD & XL backgrounds)

    Welcome to my background thread! All my backgrounds are listed here. Each static (PNG) background is sized 700x825 pixels, some animated and 16/9 (SWF) backgrounds may have different heights and widths. All have been cropped and resized to give a realistic perspective. Unfortunately, the...
  16. H

    HentaiBob's Sword Art Online Backgrounds

    Hi everyone, I'm back with new backgrounds :) What can I say, I freaking love Sword Art Online! All the backgrounds are 700x800 pixels and cropped from the episodes. Since SClover13 has made these awesome SAO Hair/Costume Imports (please continue the good work :)), I decided to give something...
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