1. R

    Annie Edison (Community) hair 1.0

    an experiment; there's 2 versions; 1 with her hair tied back and untied
  2. ds14048

    Annie Costume R&M 1.0

    Annie Costume R&M My costume and hair for Annie from Rick and Morty
  3. ds14048

    Annie Dynamic Hair 1.0

    Annie Dynamic Hair My dynamic hair for Annie from Rick and Morty
  4. ds14048

    Annie Rick and Morty 2018-04-19

    My static hair for Annie of Rick and Morty. She was in the Anatomy Park episode. S01E02. I know the hair looks a little flat , but the hairs in Rick and Morty don't really have much or any shading.
  5. Mineur

    Annie Static Hair 1.0