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Spy Team v0.2

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A game were you play as a Futa spy, once you rank up you get access to the girls in training for your needs (Forced, rough, Futa on Female scenes).

Very easy for testing purposes, please review!

Thanks, and enjoy.
Also if you want to add images/events/stories, please message me via this site.

--Pictures for now limited/traced as I'm a poor but learning artist, feel free to contribute.
Can also be found here;
Hentai Foundry
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  1. Update version

    Includes twine file for editing/code pinching. No licences attached do whatever you want, though...

Latest reviews

Rated the 0.2 version. To begin with i'm more into the Futa on Male stuff but this game is really fine, here are the things that tilted me a bit:
-If you're willing to put illustrations (like you did for melissa and the Block F Pool) you need to put more of them (or else you can go full text gameplay, thought I'd personally appreciate some good visual content)
-Some selectable options are bugged (for instance the punish melissa sequence that shows nothing for me)
-Less important but still bothering me, the grammatical mistakes like "your" instead of "you're". I know this one is not easy to correct because you have to go through all your text file to try and find it but it would be really great of you to do so.

Overall, good game, both on story and dialogues. Apply those changes and that's a 5 star full support for me :)
Rated first posted version. I'm giving this a three as it is not a fully finished game (artwork for only one of the three playable characters). You might want to have someone who did not help you make the game sit down with you and look for typos. I noticed that in the description of Samantha you said she had a 16' (sixteen foot) cock. I'm sure you meant 16 " (sixteen inch). I was stuck at the initial training part of the game, until I realized you had to repeat the training to get up to 4 points to move beyond that screen. After three tries I was able to complete the UK mission.
After two of my failed attempts at the UK mission I visiting the dorm. Since I'm not into futa, I stopped playing after successfully completing the UK mission. From what I played the game-play seemed to be free of bugs.
I'm unsure how much artwork you intend to put into the game. The one traced image I saw was okay. If you decide to use traced images, make sure that they are sufficiently changed so that the original copyright holder can't tell that you traced an image. using copyright images can result in a copyright holder demanding your game be removed from the internet.
Very respectfully,
Cheers for the review(sorry for late reply).

Still working on game and very much appreciate the feedback!

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