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SDT adjustity v3 - added

There is v1 and v2 version for you to choose from. Both have a SDT.swf file in the zip, just pick one you want to try out and use it to replace/overwrite the SDT.swf you were using before. Done? Then you are good to go. (please make a backup of your SDT.swf file before replacing, if you want to switch back. Just in case.)
  1. -v1 has a much shorter display of the precum whiteflash compare to vanilla, lets call it less distracting
  2. -v2 has the precum whiteflash all invisible
v1 & v2 share the points below and are equal, this includes:
  • her breath is invisible now
  • her & him shadow invisible (most noteably at her leg(s)). Vanilla shadow does not look fitting if you use animtools for instance in certain positions, like footjobs ect. This should help you.
  • ui hint button/holding her is invisible (showed up even if disabled in the settings, not anymore)
  • sound for all cumming & grab is muted
  • sound reworked for QuietBreath 1-4 to be more clear (while not perfect, its much better then previously)
  • ui main bar color adjusted, some other parts altered as seen in the preview(s) below
  • all tested on two different labtops no issues on my end, so here you go...
...enjoy, I hope ;)


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  1. v3 - added

    There is v1, v2 and v3 version for you to choose from. All have a SDT.swf file in the zip, just...

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huh, well that is a different way to mod the game, changing the assets themselves instead of the code. not too flexible as you can only have 1 kind of these that replaces the sdt file, but it works if this is what you want.
An SDT.swf package that has out of the box some things adjusted has its pros as well, if its what one seeks *smiles*. I figured its good enough to share since I did tested it to say no issues and what I did change works as intended.

Once I'm more skilled with flash I might go for components for the benefit of better flexibilty. Until then, people can try this out. Thanks for the reply and rating. Cheers.
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