RimJobWorld 1.9.7c

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Backup thread, not supported anymore since the original hosting site works again, get the newest version from there: RimJobWorld v1.9.9


This Rimworld mod might not be suitable for you, if you:
  • aren't of age (legally 18+)
  • can't distinguish real life from a game
  • think human leather hats are great, but rape in Rimworld is unacceptable*
  • different sex types
  • genitals
  • rape
  • prostitution
  • sex need
  • STDs
  • human pregnancy
  • human babies
  • bondage
  • bestiality
  • necrophilia
  • sexchange
  • options to enable/disable/tweak features
  • and much more!
Load Order: (Required/Optional)
  1. Rimworld Core (that's the game)
  2. Hugslib 88465 88625 88624 88623
  3. all other mods
  4. RimJobWorld (always last)
  1. Delete all files from previous RJW versions
  2. Unpack the the content from the .7z into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/RJW"
  3. Activate it & the other required mods
  4. Restart game
RJW adds a new need for sex which can be fulfilled through masturbation and sex. Speed of decay is effected by the sex drive stat (and the speed specified in mod settings).

Whether or not a pawn can have sex also depends on age (sex min age and sex free age adjustable, 18+) old people will be more likely ignored. Drunk and stoned pawns might choose the wrong partners from time to time...

The ensuing sex positions depend on existing genitals and limbs of all partners and will be recorded in the pawns social and record tab. (chances adjustable in the options)

Desperately horny pawns might try themselves on some alternative methods of satisfaction...

Enable Wild mode for a less restricted experience (will result in weird events).

Service_on.png.eb2cf0300a3403db447aa349a7cf5cb7.png Whoring
Let your pawns work in the oldest business known to men: Prostitution. And make a tiny profit too! To make pawns into whores just toggle the "mark for service" icon:


Service_on.png.eb2cf0300a3403db447aa349a7cf5cb7.png active
Service_off.png.3d96dda0895c4ee9d12c0907135e1a41.png inactive

The designated whore will:
  • actively attempt to hook up if they're horny (low sex need) and (s)he likes them
  • be approached by friendly, horny visitors
  • sometimes have fun for free with any pawn they like
After done deed the John will reward your whores hard work with a little bit of silver, (if (s)he belongs to another faction) the possible amount is visible in the quirks tab.

ComfortPrisoner_on.png.ce27db9bf248cb2cb667bdf714dab68d.png Rape
Another way to relieve "stress" is rape. Possible targets are disliked pawns of preferred gender with high vulnerability.
  • Traits such as Rapist or Psychopath makes pawns way more likely to rape others, while Kind makes it less likely
  • Bloodlust enjoys rape beatings (toggle on in options)
  • Masochists enjoy forced love
  • Pawns will generally avoid raping pawns they like
  • Pawns with a spouse or lover wont rape
  • The vulnerability stat determines whether or not someone can be a victim (adjust in options)
  • Wild Mode bypasses most restrictions
Rape can be triggered in multiple ways:
  • Extreme mental break:
Desperate pawns might have no choice but to satisfy themselves even without the partners' consent.​

  • Random rape:
Pawns with the Rapist trait don't care that much about the feelings of others and might just take what they want.​

  • Designated victims: (Comfort prisoners)
To designate one of your masochists or prisoners (slaves) as a public cumdump, which can be used for everyones enjoyment, just disable their consent:​


ComfortPrisoner_on.png.ce27db9bf248cb2cb667bdf714dab68d.png active
ComfortPrisoner_off.png.bf11742a29b55fd1dd795d59754028da.png inactive

Note: the rapists need to have the Basic job type activated in the work tab
  • By enemies:
Hostile creatures will try to rape their defeated (downed) enemies after a successful raid. Submitting might save your pawns life, but probably not their anus(es). To surrender a drafted pawn use the submission button:​


The prostrating effect lasts as long as the victim is raped, but at least 1 to 2 hours.

Enable in mod options. Zoophiles will prefer animal sex partners over humans. Animals with high wildness might try to flee or attack, when molested.
  • Regular Beastiality
Zoophiles will search for partners in the local fauna, in that order: bonded > tamed > wild, while preferring animals of similar size as them and low wilderness.​

  • Raping humans
Manhunting animals might use downed humanlikes for pleasure, just like raiders.​

  • Breeding
You can mark zoophile pawns and animals to breed: (male animals only if they're tamed)​


active (human)
inactive (human)
active (animal)
inactive (animal)
  • Insects (Parasites)
If enabled, manhunting insects will try to rape your downed female pawns.
  1. Female insects inject eggs into their female victims
  2. Male insects fertilise the eggs
  3. fertilised eggs hatch into new bugs, after a few seasons
The resulting spawn will be a mix of neutral and tameable, but, if the implant happened by hostile insects the spawn will be mostly hostile as well. Eggs will terminate any other pregnancy and prevent new ones, slow your pawn down and are capped at 100 (200 for pawns with incubator quirk).

Mechanoids can inject microcomputers into a female upon rape, which will hatch into hostile Mechanoids later on. (toggleable)
  • Inbetween different species
Enable interspecies-animal-sex to make animals fuck other animals of similar size and wildness while ignoring their species.
  • Notes:
  • animals with high wildness, predators or greatly different size are less likely to be chosen as sexpartner - drunk pawns might make stupid decisions
  • you can enable animal-human pregnancies, the children born will be of their mothers' faction and species depends on the % in settings
  • high wildness animals are more likely to hurt partner with rape beatings enabled
  • you can toggle wild animal sex
  • animals might attack or flee if they don't consent
Modded races
To make your race able to have RJW surgery, you have to edit a few xml. (open with any text editor) After these edits you can add bodyparts manually (surgically) to them, in case they are missing:
  1. find out the <race> name of the race you want
  2. add it to every RJW recipe-xml hediff in the <recipeUsers> (next to <li>Human</li>)
To make the "Orassans" race compatible with rjw surgery:
  1. find the raceName - its "Alien_Orassan" (found inside PawnkindDef of the file: \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\1541519487\Defs\PawnKindDefs\PawnKinds_Orassan.xml)
  2. Now add this name into each recipe xml like this:

The files you need to change are inside:

Pregnancy & Children
Vaginal sex of two fertile pawns can result in pregnancies (chances adjustable, also depending on size, bodytype and species). Pregnancies last for about 3 trimesters (breeder trait halfs gestation time) and will be invisible for the first few weeks, based on bodytype. If you successfully "determine pregnancy" early you can abort the baby. Miscarriages can happen if mother gets injured/sick.

'Simple' humanlike babies are born without genitals (they'll get them back later don't worry). They won't be able to move or do any work until they are of age (4). Colony animal babies will be born tamed. Prisoner children have to be recruited to be part of the colony. Most traits and bodyparts can be inherited. Some races like the Undead wont get pregnant.

once enabled, necrophiliacs will be able to use corpses, someone desperate might try it as well

Bodychanges, Illnesses & co.:
  • Bodyparts
RJW adds new (invisible) bodyparts to every creature & gender:
  1. Breasts
  2. Genitals
  3. Anus
And applies some pawn-specific implants to them, like: micro vagina, hydraulic penis, generic anus, huge breasts, equine penis...

Most can be attached and removed like bionics. Children can inherit any (!) of the parents genitals. Hydraulic parts can be crafted on machining bench, bionics at fabrication bench - after research. The peg dick is craftable on crafting spot. RJW also adds Peg arms.
  • Surgery
You can change various bodyparts through surgery:
  • install peg arm
  • install (...) anus... - installs this bodypart
  • attach penis/vagina - replaces current genital with this one
  • add penis/vagina - adds penis/vagina to the genitals (makes female into futa)
  • sterilisation - makes pawn infertile
  • determine pregnancy - shows you pregnancies, which are not visible during the first trimester
  • abortion - once determined you can abort the baby
  • remove genitals, anus... - removes the bodypart
  • remove eggs - removes eggs inserted by insects
  • Sexchange
You can change the gender of your pawns through genital surgery. The pawns will be horrified at first but get used to their new body over time. Note: there is no "real" trap or futa gender in Rimworld.

There are:
  • Females - breasts, vagina, anus
  • Males - penis, anus
  • Traps - breasts, penis, anus - some breasts stitched onto a guy
  • Futas - breasts, penis, vagina, anus - to become futas a pawn needs the add penis or add vagina operation
  • STDs
STDs can be gained randomly at spawn or from dirty environments (toggleable). RJW currently features:
  • Chronic HIV -> Acute HIV - will cause random infections, curable/incurable
  • Warts - nasty, hurts, can be cured
  • Herpes - not as nasty, can't be cured
  • Syphilis - bad mood, organ damages, deadly if not cured
  • Broken body
Repeated non-consensual intercourse (rape) slowly breaks a pawn:

early stage -> broken body -> extremely broken body

with worsening penalties to consciousness. They will loose their rapist trait (if they have one) and gain the masochist trait at the final stage. After a few days without rape the broken pawn should slowly begin to recover.
  • Traits
RJW adds some traits to the random trait pool which are:
  • Nymphomaniac - higher lust, will join vulnerable (sleeping) pawns if horny, gained by humpshroom addiction, might join others beds when horny
  • Necrophiliac - has fun with the dead, gained after 10+ sexacts and 50+% with corpses
  • Rapist - prefers to rape when horny, gained after 10+ sexacts, 10+% of it rape and pawn isn't a masochist, lost when broken
  • Zoophile - likes animal company, gained after 10+ sexacts and 50+% with animals
Non-RJW traits which have effects:
  • Masochist - loves beeing raped, gained when broken
  • Bloodlust - loves to rape
  • Gay - searches for partners with the same gender
Traits such as prude (Psychology) or xenophile (Alien Race Framework) and plenty others from other mods effect behaviour as well.​

  • Sexuality
Pawns sexuality is visible in the "RJW Infocard" and will be imported from Rational Romance, Psychology or Individuality if those are in use. Otherwise rolled randomly.​

  • Quirks
Quirks have minor effects, and cover fetishes and paraphilias that don't have large enough impact on the gameplay to be implemented as actual traits. You can check if your pawns have any quirks by using the new icon in the Bio-tab, the effects are listed in the tooltip. Some quirks are also available to animals. A pawn has quirks, if the icon is glowing.​


  • Incubator - double eggpregnancy speed, gained after 1000 egg births
  • Breeder - double pregnancy speed, gained after 10 (20) births
  • foot fetish, fertile, infertile, teratophilia (attraction to monsters/disfigured), endytophilia (clothed sex)
  • Furniture:
  • WhoreSleepSpot_east.png.569906b22e07934b632511b6f11c0793.png
    Whorebeds - re-added as regular furniture, not required for whores, just there for more furniture variety, requires "Complex Furniture" research
  • Bondage
  • chastity_belt.png.e97a92a109ff4d021ec660730460cd42.png
    Chastity Belt - prevents sex and masturbation, made on electric tailor bench
  • armbinder.png.4263e9d3c566b01651e8ae46b89ddc47.png
    Armbinder - prevents using arms (manipulation), made on electric tailor bench
  • gag.png.d55b3d3b50ca03d35bd49ed64db71ddb.png
    Gag - prevents using mouth (reduced talking and eating), made on electric tailor bench
  • holokey.png.7859af0c5b2d75012f8a88b38f909feb.png
    Holokey - spawns when pawn attaches any bondage device, the specific key is required to undress it again, cant be used while wearing Armbinder. If the key gets lost you have to remove devices with surgery!
  • hololock.png.82afdc83e709749102f8780af0c7be1f.png
    Hololock - required to craft devices, made on machining table
  • Drugs
  • Humpshroom.png.ecc7c7723a315b6403cec9267f3c7d97.png
    Humpshroom - increases libido when eaten, grows wild in caves, growable only in darkness in hydroponic basin, addiction adds nympho trait and reduces sex satisfaction
  • Aphrodisiac - made out of humpshrooms in drug lab
  • Contraceptive_pill_b.png.b67b89cf7f8533c6bb9b06f0f7058394.png
    Contraception pill - reduces max Fertility to 10% for 15 days, crafted in drug lab
  • Fertility
peaks when young adult and slowly, effects the chance to get pregnant​

  • Sex drive
sex need decay speed, effected by age, traits & stuff​

  • Sexability
higher sexability increases the satisfaction (the fulfilment of their sex need) of sexpartners​

  • Vulnerability
High vulnerability makes creatures possible targets of rape. Females can rape with low enough vulnerability. (adjustable in options)​

Vulnerability is based on:
  • melee skill
  • Bodyparts
  • consciousness
  • moving speed
  • manipulation
  • sight
  • traits (wimp, tough, maso...)
  • creature is sleeping, incapacitated, submitting
Show designators here:

Age morphiosis cells
This can be used standalone without any other required mods (maybe hugslib?). Research the tech "age morphosis research", build it, power it and steal the best years of your poor pawns life. It takes 1-2 days to age a year. (pawns can become older or younger)


The target age in years can be anything from 1 to 100. It wont however reverse age based illnesses such as bad back, Alzheimer or similar!

Addons/Mods & more:


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