Messy Bun Static Hair

Messy Bun Static Hair 2020-08-29

Very amateur like Messy Bun. My first hairstyle so constructive criticism is welcome!

If you wish to make edits and improve, be my guest! I also attached the real life reference.
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  1. Messy Bun 2.0

    Removed the white line.

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what do i do or how do i download it anytime i click download it shows me a black screen with the hair or suit that i was to download nd i can zoom in but it dosnt let me down load it
I don't know why it's doing that, but right click and select "save as"... It's a simple way around it
I think it's great, but you should trace over the back border of the front strand of hair and trace over the small strands on the bottom of the hair. It'll make the hair look much cleaner.
Pretty decent for a first go at it. Theres a few edges that show up white that could be cleaned up but overall, a nice job.
I was hoping it'd give the impression that you could see the skin a bit like a part in the hair, but it ended up annoying me so I updated it! Thanks!
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