Genie of the Lamp

Genie of the Lamp 2020-10-16

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Hi folks, i did a short dialogue, the story is simple, a guy finds a lamp and decides to rub it(buuu, that's too cliché), you can imagine what happens next.

I used the Adrien's dialogue "Sarah the High School Slut" as base, and I also took inspiration from a doujin I read yesterday.

This is my first attempt at making a dialogue, so let me know if you find errors, i still have to do some grammar corrections, maybe i will add more lines and positions in the future .. just maybe, i'm too lazy.

Note: It works fine with Edgy loader pack.
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I checked your dialogue, and I wanted to share some impressions I had of it. Thank you very much for sharing it.

On a technical level, I found some typos such as "Anithyng", "Litle", "Becauso", "Goddest" and many more. Most of the "I´s" in the dialogue lack of capital letter, which looks unpolished.

Talking about the theme of the dialogue, at first, I felt it could play on a more middle-east environment (Kinda like an "Arabian Nights" style -magic, carpets, Baghdad, Sultans-and such things) but actually I think that this scenario, with a more occidental man and a magic object and goddess, fits perfectly. Maybe we could get to know more about the genie by how she speaks and how does she behave, according to her place of origin, and her antiqueness. This, compared with the more casual way of living of the protagonist, could lead to a very interesting theme.

I have to admit I like more his dialogues than her´s. We get to know a lot of him from how does he ask for his wish, and from that moment he has many diverse reactions on this unusual situation. I specially like the lines where he tells her not to go so fast, (will take more about it later) and it feels he develops somekind of affection really quickly which is something really neat to see. She, contrary to him, has some lines that make me think she does not have that consideration ("Don't cum yet, that would be boring" as an example of that) which may not in line which how much she tries to please him. She has a carefree attittude that could be exploited so we could get to see her powers or something similar.

I think the interaction between the two is well done, most of the lines have an inmediate response and it makes it feel fluid. It gives you freedom to interact (at times, you could almost think the protagonist is her) and make various moves without using the controls, and that was well achieved. On the side note; as I wrote above, he suggests her to go slower, which may indicate that you need the dialogue to be played on a slow pace, which is perfect, yet some of the lines trigger a finishing. Later it is hard to get the different finishing lines (with the second and third wishes) cause the counter got passed those numbers and doesn´t help the narrative.

I really appreciate your effort and that you took the chance for sharing your first dialogue. Again, Thanks a lot.