Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow Piercing 1.0

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EDIT: Here's a dynamic/rgb one by sclover13 sclover13
I don't think this exists yet and I use it a lot so maybe others will too.
I don't know how to do RGB yet or if there's a template for it so it's only silver/metallic for now.
BUT I think you can use the Loader Tab/HueData.txt to change it's overall color.
Thanks to SyntaxTerror SyntaxTerror for showing me how to "reverse engineer" .swf files.

There are 2 versions since the eyebrows will shift position based on the moods. IDK if there are other eyebrow mood positions but the default/happy/aheago moods have the same eyebrow position so the regular eyebrowpiercing.swf works and then in the angry mood her eyebrows are raised so I made a separate eyebrowpiercingangry.swf for that. Maybe someone smarter than me could make an all in one .swf

eyebrow.png eyebrowa.png
^default vs angry

I put it on Body3 in moreclothing since that's where body piercings seem to go; so the moreclothing line is:
eyebrowpiercing.swf=Eyebrow Piercing:CostumeHeadwear>Body3
eyebrowpiercingangry.swf=Eyebrow Piercing A:CostumeHeadwear>Body3
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Great mod, can you also tell me where i can find the ginger hair mod pictured? thanks :)
The mod I didn't know I needed ^^ also could you be so kind as to tell me what is the name of the blonde hair in the picture?