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Clean Character Code Files 2017-05-02 by Zalord

Reformats all codes.txt files to be more readable and easier to edit manually

  1. Zalord
    Running this program will cause all of the code.txt files in the Mods folder to split into multiple lines instead of all being on one. This makes them much easier to read and modify and they still load just fine.

    charname:Jane Doe;mood:Normal;hair:sdchan;

    charname:Jane Doe;
    It's very simple to set up. Place the .jar into the same directory as the Mods folder then run it. Nothing pops up when it runs, so you'll have to check a random code.txt file to check if it worked.

    If you're worried about it messing up your codes files, back up your Mods folder first! I've tested it with all of my characters and it didn't break anything, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    The .java file is just the source code. You don't need it for the .jar to work. It's mainly there to show that it does nothing malicious, and for other people to build off of it if they want to.
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