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Body Writing Bug Fixes - 1.0 by zeronodrago

Several styles of degrading body writing.

  1. zeronodrago
    BodyWriting_Piggy_f.png BodyWriting_Piggy_m.png BodyWriting_Sissy_m.png BodyWriting_Slut_f.png

    This mod requires the SDT Loader.

    The mod includes several styles of body writing. Piggy(m/f)/Sissy/Slut
    The prefix (m/f) on the mod files means they are aimed towards characters with (m) or without (f) a penis.
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Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fixes - 1.0

Recent Reviews

  1. Titan
    Version: Bug Fixes - 1.0
    This is a good mod, but one question. Does it work with moreclothing?
    1. zeronodrago
      Author's Response
      It does not work with moreclothing no, it doesn't interfere with it however.
  2. That guy
    That guy
    Version: basic
    Nice mod but I found some issues with it. The left arm gets some sort of red Frame when I load it and the Little heart on the breast moves in some poses. In doggy style it is not but hovers slightly below it.
    1. zeronodrago
      Author's Response
      The issues should now be resolved, thank you for the feedback.