BDO for Resorepless+Meta Injector use

BDO for Resorepless+Meta Injector use 2018/2/17

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I use meta injector as the main body.
I do not use resorepless.
Many people do not understand it
This time I am editing it for Resorepless + Meta injector.

The mystic nude body and the underwear _ao file and the body slider xml are bundled.

There is no next
Please edit yourself when Lahn is updated
suzu ( 鈴
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  1. refresh

    Do not conflict with resorepless options I omit underwear, futanari, pubic hair file

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There are many programs related to black desert, but I can not modify the files. You can modify only the people who can modify it. Direct modifications to use require detailed manuals to enable beginners to view and modify the written files.
suzu ( 鈴
suzu ( 鈴
The procedure is as follows.
First use resorepless, then patch my mods with meta injector.
In resorepless and meta injector, the folder to patch is different.
Do not mistake the folders to be included

And I do not make resorepless or meta injector.
Please ask BrackFireBR.

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