3rd mod! Still pretty roughly made.

This is a two-piece set of barbed wire ties, shibari inspired, one for Her body and one for Her right arm.


Counts as a CostumeTop if you use the moreclothing mod.

Should look good with:
- tatoos
- my bodypaint mods

Will look weird with:
- Other tops (the body wire is a whole piece counting as the back area)
- Belly expansion mods
- Extreme breast expansion

Might update it with:
- Overtop version for stacking with other tops
- Tied together thighs version
- 1 thigh version done
- Ankles to Thighs version (if I manage to make the matching animtool position
- Breast version done
- Blood seeping? Probably not but who knows

Open to C&C and suggestions!
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Latest updates

  1. Barbed Wire (now w/ breast and thighs)

    Added a quick and dirty version of my Barbed Wire bonds for Thighs (tied independently) and...
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