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Zoe and Sonja in: The Final Round

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by wilhitewarrior, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Jan 7, 2013
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    Okay so this one is another request, this time from Rahzel for two of his OCs, Zoe & Sonja. As always, comments and criticisms appreciated but be nice :D



    Zoe And Sonja in: The Final Round

    Zoe stood in her victory pose, one hand raised high, balled into a fist, the other on her hip,her torso leaned to one side. Her unconscious opponent was dragged off to the infirmary as Zoe herself took a trip to the showers.

    As Zoe stripped and got into the shower, untying her ponytail and letting the hot water wash the sweat from her, she began to wonder who her final opponent would be. She had made it to the final round without too much pain and now,here she was, so close to the championship title. So close she could taste it. One more lame “karate master” and it would be hers.

    Zoe stepped out of the shower, her wet body dripping all over. She reflected on how much fun this had been as she dried her body and hair. This wasn't one of those lame “3-points” tournaments. This was the real thing. Fight until one of you can't fight anymore. There was no “getting lucky”in a fight like this. Except maybe for that one cute boy she had fought early on, she thought to herself with a smile as she donned her panties and bra, got a fresh set of karate robes and pants, tying her belt and long black ponytail and heading back toward the ring.

    “Alright!” She shouted to the cheering crowd with her arms raised into the air in a cocky pose, “Where's my next victim?! So far everyone has been boring! Do I at least get a worthy opponent this time? Heh! There's only one person I've ever met that even had a chance to beat me! And I don't see HER heeeeeee-- Shit. Of course. Shoulda seen this coming.”

    “Yes, Zoe, you should have.” Said the redhead with a smile as she took her place in the ring. “Especially with that big mouth of yours. It's gotten you into trouble a lot.”

    “Regardless,” Zoe dismissed, taking her fighting stance, “Whether it's you, Sonja, or some big bulky ex-con named Bubba, I'm gonna kick your ass and take the title.”

    “Yeah,” Sonja sarcastically replied, taking her own stance. “Good luck with that one.”

    Sonja's bare foot came at her at warp nine but Zoe's reflexes were quick. She leaned her body back to avoid the kick, delivering a sweep to Sonja's legs. Sonja fell to the mat with an “Oof!”, Zoe quickly following up with a drop kick. Before it landed, however, Sonja had Zoe in her clutches by her leg and ass and threw her across the ring, screaming the whole way.

    Zoe bounced on the roped and Sonja was in close pursuit. Her flying kick connected square with Zoe's well-endowed chest, her letting out a scream as she felt some bones crack and sending her toppling over the ropes. Zoe held tight onto the ropes, however. Planting her feet against the edges of the ring just long enough to send herself into a backflip back at Sonja,slamming her feet hard into her shoulders. Sonja tried to stay on her feet, but the force of the blow was too much and she went to her knees. Zoe quickly followed up with her own knee, slamming it hard into Sonja's face.

    “Ahhh!” Screamed Sonja, feeling her nose crack a bit as she flew to the mat. She was back on her feet just as quickly, however, rolling up and making a charge for Zoe. The crowd cheered as both girls threw a high kick atone another, their legs meeting one another in mid-air.

    For a solid thirty seconds, both girls threw kicks, chops and punches at one another,every single one being blocked by the other. The girls were indeed very evenly matched.

    Finally, Zoe connected,putting her left hand against her balled up right fist, using the strength of both arms to slam her elbow into Sonja's gut. Sonja reeled and tried to scream but nothing but wind came out. Zoe took the opportunity to deliver a chop to the side of Sonja's head,sending her spiraling around her.

    Sonja wasn't finished yet, though. Using the momentum from her the attack, Sonja turned it into a spinning roundhouse, delivering a hard kick straight to the back of Zoe's head. Zoe moaned as she fell to the mat.

    “Grr... You suck!” Zoe taunted. Both girls were running out of energy. One way or another, this would end soon. Zoe stood back onto her feet, breathing very audibly. Her belt had come loose, exposing her bra for the whole crowd to see but she didn't mind that. She had more important things to worry about.

    After giving both herself and Sonja a moment to catch their breath, Zoe charged Sonja once again. Sonja lifted her right leg to deliver a kick to Zoe's face but it was her left foot that connected. Quickly switching feet, Sonja spun her entire body, bringing her left foot to connect square with Zoe's face. Her jaw cracked, Zoe screamed and fell to the mat below.

    It was over. Zoe didn't have any more left. Her vision was beginning to blur as Sonja looked down over her. She moaned as she struggled to lift her arm and point at Sonja. “You were... just... lucky...” Zoe declared just before Sonja's foot connected with Zoe's face one last time, robbing her of her last bit of consciousness.

    Sonja raised her arms up in victory, her foot firmly planted against her unconscious rival's face.. The crowd cheered and 90% of the males in the audience had a stiffy (the other 10% having not hit puberty yet) as Sonja was declared champion.
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