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Zero Suit Slave

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Just want to kick something out there quick. I haven't written anything for a couple months, and I have had this idea floating around this demented head of mine for a couple days. The demon must be let out of its cage!


    Samus stepped out of her ruined spaceship. She'd crash landed on Zebes, probably the worst place to be without her power suit. Her ship had taken heavy damage and on the way down, the stabilizers had gone offline. There was nothing keeping the ship from jolting back and forth like a rickety train, and she'd been ping-ponged around her little craft like a superball. Every impact of her suit on the walls caused that much more damage, until finally, luck would have it naturally, the very last hit caused her power suit to overload and begin stripping itself off her. It was designed to do that instead of blow up, so that she didn't become human (and Chozo) shrapnel.

    Unfortunately, this means she also loses her power cannon. She had to rely on her speed and agility, and a stun pistol called the Paralyzer. It could be charged to send a shock through a target's nervous system, or she could swing it in an arc to create a large whip-like strand of plasma... but against a Metroid, she wasn't sure how much good it would do. Her arm cannon was generally only good enough using missiles.

    First thing was first. She had to find something, anything, to defend herself with. She set off into the nearby cave.

    The nearby cave turned out to go on a lot longer than she'd thought it did. Twists and turns and traps all over. Samus, fortunately, was hard to tire, and hours of traipsing along and dealing with the local creatures had had little effect on her energy reserve, but it had soured her mood.

    Finally, having gone through what seemed like the millionth identical looking blast door, Samus stopped in her tracks, and then grinned widely. She'd finally found a missile launcher. It was made to fit an arm cannon, but with her physical stature, and her Chozo-enhanced strength and endurance, she was able to lift it and carry it, using it as is. It was difficult to hold and aim though. She hoped she didn't have to use it too much. Even she could get tired using it this way.

    She hefted it up on her shoulder and continued on. As she did, her surroundings very gradually went from cave walls to include random bits and bobs of technological panels, wiring, etc. Samus didn't notice this until later, when it was roughly half cave and half panels. The sudden realization caused her to stop short and look behind her.

    "How long has this been going on?" she asked herself.

    When she finally turned around again, she gasped. A Metroid was approaching her.

    Slightly alarmed at the sheer lack of sound it made, she raised the missile launcher, aimed carefully and took a shot. The missile sailed majestically toward its target, a small explosion and a large amount of concussive force dealt. The Metroid slowed, but continued its pursuit. Metroids were notoriously tough, and took multiple missiles to take down. Samus hefted the cannon again, aimed, and fired. The recoil sent a shock of force through her body again. This time, the Metroid moved out of the way, and the missile harmlessly slammed against one of the tritanium plates. The tritanium was completely undamaged.

    Samus began to backpedal, not having realized just how far down here she'd gone. Hours of this had dulled the passage of time for her and she cursed herself for not being more observant. As she took backward steps, she aimed and fired again. The missile crashed into the Metroid again, and this time it shrieked. Samus knew she was hurting it, and continued the pressure, taking another quick shot in rapid succession. This proved to be a mistake as she had not braced herself properly, and the missile launcher wrenched itself out of her grasp, throwing her to the ground at the same time. Samus tried to scramble away, but the Metroid swooped in and ensnared her with a couple of long probes. Samus tried to break herself free, but their strength was much too great. One was difficult to handle, If you encountered a pack, you were finished.

    As it was, she didn't have access to an easily-handled missile launcher, or a freeze beam augmentation. The only thing she could do was...

    Twisting around, she charged her Paralyzer and jammed it into the soft underside of the Metroid. She discharged it into the Metroid...

    ... and the Metroid was unfazed by it.

    Well did you really expect that to work? she chided herself. It shrugged off your first missile, dummy. Of course it was going to shrug this off too.

    Samus struggled to get free, but the Metroid extended another probe and then rammed it into her mouth, and down her throat. Samus immediately began to choke on the forced intrusion, dropping the missile launcher. Her eyes went wide as she gagged, beginning to flail her arms. She tried in vain to pull the probe out of her throat, but it only went deeper and deeper, worming its way in and down her throat. Samus took note that the Metroid didn't seem to be draining the life out of her like they usually did, but that really wasn't her chief concern at the immediate moment. The probe began to enter her stomach and just kept growing longer. Samus' legs buckled and the Metroid forced her onto her back. From this position it was able to hold her down. Samus kicked wildly, but there was no removing the probe as it completely filled her stomach and throat. Samus gagged and retched involuntarily, her body spasming to try to remove that which had forced its way into her.

    Enhanced as she was, she did still need oxygen, and after a few minutes of not having got any, her struggling weakened. She began to feel heavy, like she had rocks piled on her body. Samus' mind told her body to fight, but her body had other ideas, and she collapsed onto the cavern floor, unable to move her arms or legs. She was still conscious for what seemed like hours to her, but finally her eyes fluttered and closed, and she passed out.

    When she awoke, she was clamped tightly to thick steel bars. The bars were usually used to launch Rinkas, the slow-moving rings of energy that passed through solid objects, but were easily dissipated by shooting them with an arm cannon that she did not have. These Rinka launchers were modified to act as shackles instead, with thick heavy steel surrounding her wrists and ankles. She looked around and then saw Mother Brain.

    "What are you doing? This... this isn't like you... I'd have thought you would have had the Metroid kill me..."

    Mother Brain did not speak, for obvious reasons. A metal rod on one of the Rinka launchers holding her ankles began to work its way up to Samus. Samus struggled a little, and found no resistance. She looked down, and to her horror, her Zero Suit had been torn across the stomach. Whatever did that had to have taken a LOT of force, as her suit wasn't just some latex covering, it was enhanced technology. The rod worked its way into her crotch, and then with a loud electrical snap, came to life. So too did Samus' body, every muscle tightening to their maximum as the electrical current was applied to her vagina.

    "Huuuuuhhhnnngggg!" Samus was only able to loudly moan as her body shook and trembled. It didn't take long at all for Samus to climax. The constant tension caused her to cream her suit. Instead of multiples, she suffered through one long, hard, continuous ejaculation, her releases staggered over the course of over ten minutes of torment. Every time she ejaculated, her suit got wetter and wetter, absorbing more of the fluid.

    Finally after Samus had been finished, the electric current abated. Samus' body immediately relaxed as she panted, dripping in sweat.

    As she started to open her eyes, another probe forced its way into her mouth and down her throat, this one from Mother Brain. She started to choke again. This time, she was bound, and couldn't even struggle against it. The probe entered her throat deeply, and then was withdrawn when she started to black out. After she had recovered enough, it was drilled into her again, and again she would choke to the brink of unconsciousness, only to be yanked back into reality by the probe being yanked out of her.

    Then the probe began to choke her again, but the metal one also reasserted its presence, shocking her body to life again. Samus' screams were choked off as her body violently climaxed again... and there was absolutely no way to get out of this torture. Samus' adventures had ended on Zebes. Her extermination of the Metroids was a failure. And the only thing she could do now was suffer the torment Mother Brain dished out.
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  2. Somepersoncorn

    Somepersoncorn Avid Affiliate

    Oct 30, 2012
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    It's so beautiful....
  3. TheCrimsonRisk

    TheCrimsonRisk Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 10, 2010
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    What a charming story for the holiday season! :p Nice work, Raden. I think you did just enough to set the scene before getting to the action, both paying attention to the source material while not being beholden to it. Zero Suit Samus just seems like a character made for ryona (as other members and authors here will attest), with her very nature being one of heightened vulnerability.

    Mother Brain's torture was truly despicable. Clearly, she's had enough of Samus' crap! These "..." endings always get me. BAD END
  4. Relampagos

    Relampagos Potential Patron

    Dec 12, 2012
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    Glad to see you writing again, loved your stuff :D
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  5. onlinehero

    onlinehero Swell Supporter

    Dec 15, 2009
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    Just lovely!
    Agree with TCR, Zero Suit Samus is like made for ryona :D
  6. h0ly123

    h0ly123 Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 20, 2010
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    Well that's officially the best Samus fiction I've ever read. Can we get an encore?
  7. Seth

    Seth Potential Patron

    Jun 17, 2012
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    One of the best stories here last time. Very good work!