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Zako's appearance

Discussion in 'Zako' started by meditions, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. meditions

    meditions Potential Patron

    Sep 16, 2013
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    This is kind of a question along the lines of the thread about the Zakos' backgrounds.

    I am curious about what people envision as the "ideal zako"? In other words, her age, body type, hair color, breast size, etc.

    Also, what about the style of her uniform?

    Interested in input of what makes the "perfect zako"?
  2. ran

    ran Vivacious Visitor

    May 22, 2011
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    My ideal female zakos should be a well balanced figure between beauty and practical.

    I got several images in my mind. I may post the others when I am available.
    My favorite one is:

    Identification: Female fighter of international military consortium
    The consortium continues to adopt deserted young babies and recruit girls, mainly from slums. Then these girls become trained fighters with sound hand to hand combatant skills. They follow the consortium's order and are willing to give their lives to the course, whether is the consortium's own or contract from guests.

    Age: 16-28
    Female fighters usually finish their training at the age of 16. Since then they will operate by the orders. Only few of them can survive to the age of 28 since the business of consortium is too busy. The remainders will be switched to other positions such as captains, trainers, security receptionists.

    Body type: Hourglass
    The female fighters received professional battle training so they are healthy and fit. They are strong but muscles are not significant because too much muscle will reduce their endurance and speed which are the advantages of female in comparison to male counterparts.

    Breast size: variety (C or bigger)
    Hair color: variety
    Due to good physical exercise and nutrition, the breasts of female fighters are all big but not too big to interrupt their action. Since they come from different areas in the world, their breast size and hair color depend on their race.
    Most of the girls are from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, America, Brazil, Japan and Thailand.

    Hair style: Variety
    As a consortium running military business semi-openly, its female fighters are allowed to have their own hair style as long it does not influence fighting too seriously. Generally girls prefer to choose simple and straight hair style for instance ponytail.

    Goggles: This goggles can protect female fighters' eye during fighting from light physical damage, gas, flash light or other inferences. The goggle also act as a mini computer to provide communication via microphone, guide fighters' routine via screen, thermal vision in darkness.
    However, many female fighters choose not to wear it in operation because it covers their beautiful eyes.

    Breastplate: This midriff sleeveless composite breastplate is the main protection equipment of female fighters. Its high strength composite material can insulate most of attack like fists, knifes, electricity and normal bullets. The breastplate is light so female fighters will not be delayed due to its weight. Its scapulars protect girls' shoulders. It is midriff to ensure female fighters can act freely and realize body heat on time.
    The breastplate is designed to be next to skin and no female fighters will wear a bra inside it.

    Handguard: The long handguard combines the function of fingerless gloves, culff and punch. It is made of the same composite used in the breastplate. It protects female fighters' forearms and increase the power of their fists. A small injector is placed inside the handguard where on the artifice. Cordial or emergent medicine stored inside the handguard can be injected once needed. A female fighter might return to battle with full life after being knocked out for a second.
    The inner side of hand component of handguard is very thin and soft. The female fighters still could feel objects with their own hands as usual.

    T-back: The oily thin leather T-back is one with belt. The belt is firmly locked and attached to female fighters' waist to make sure this T back never fall.
    The T back is as small as possible to expose female fighters' asses and thighs as much as it can so female fighters' kicking will be expedite.

    Thigh strap: The thigh strap around female fighters' leg is mainly used to place additional equipment. The basic equipment is T-stick which all female fighters are good at. At other times the equipment could be stun rod, dagger, rope or other things needed in the operation.
    Many female fighters play jokes on others' fat if they see the thigh strap "sinks into" the skin.

    Combatant boots: The military style cack enable female fighters move quickly in most terrains. It is rigid and heavy so the power of kicking is guaranteed.
    Bionics of sheep skin is applied so female fighters' feet still could breath freely inside the boot.

    The dress is pretty much like the amazonesses in Denjin Makaii:
    amazoness.jpg 22.PNG DENJIN 2.png

    That is the fundamental of my favorite female zako type: hand-to-hand fight, brave, trade-off of beauty and efficient.
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  3. Servi

    Servi Vivacious Visitor

    Sep 22, 2013
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    I've been a fan of punk-ish looking zakos lately. Piercings, odd hairstyles/colors, revealing outfits, leggings , young. I don't have any preference for breast sizes though. But in general, I like my outfits to show some of the zako's butt and legs, and maybe say something about her personality.
  4. Stuelpner_Karl

    Stuelpner_Karl Avid Affiliate

    Jan 7, 2013
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    Their age may range from about 16 to 60, though most are probably in their twenties or early thirties.

    Their might be any natural body type (fat, muscular, skinny), but no super models and certainly no porn stars with fake tits. Hairstyle may vary, as well as the color of their skin.

    Speaking of skin and color, I don't like tattoos, especially not those who cover large portions of the body, like the yakuza's. And I absolutely hate piercings.

    There is a lot of room for individuality in their "uniforms", which usually combine boots, pants, tanktops, t-shirts, vests and gloves, often in black. But depending on the setting, there may be other clothes too. I just don't like unrealistic fetish stuff, like soldiers wearing high heels.

    I also like bare midriffs, especially on a bit chubby girls, becoming visible "unintentionally."

  5. Amazon Shark

    Amazon Shark Swell Supporter

    Aug 21, 2012
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    I enjoy most appearances of zako, but my own take on it is spy/ninja themed, with the zako in tight outfits. Right now it's been a turtleneck/leggings combo that I've been wanting to see realized for a long time. I'll probably mix it up later on, as the leggings are the part I want to see most, the top can be something else. Right now, it's something that is similar to the zako from Operation White Shark, and other movies.

    03.jpg 20.jpg vlcsnap-2013-09-22-13h02m38s220.png vlcsnap-2013-09-22-13h03m17s99.png
    66a.png 216.png 224.png 191.png
    09.jpg 21.jpg vlcsnap-2013-09-22-13h01m48s237.png 179.png
    22.jpg 66c.png 67.png 23.jpg
    67c.png 162.png 49.jpg 214.png
    70.png 161.png 213.png 187.png

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  6. AgentAika

    AgentAika Avid Affiliate

    Jul 14, 2012
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    I have much the same idea about my preferences for Zako...the punk look is hot and emphasizing the butt and legs are important to me to keep the female form clear and be fully distinguishable from a male, so tight outfits, leotards, etc...all nice! I do prefer the use of high heels as it adds to that over the top sex appeal and femininity that I prefer. :)

  7. NNin

    NNin Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 1, 2010
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    Age: 18-50
    Must be at least 18. It's not underage. lol

    Body type: Athletic
    Since they are trained to fight, they should be fit. With balance muscle and agility.

    Hair color: Though I prefer black, brunette or blonde, any color is fine. Hair style is any too, except bald.

    Breast size: B-D

    Uniform: Various
    Because I have some uniform fetish, my prefer zako should wear their organization uniform/combat gear. While punk, gangster attires are good too. But all in all, I like a costume that show legs :D High heels are a plus, if they can fight in them.
    My OC character Petal is an example of my uniform zako. Amazoness from Denjin Makai is a good battle geared zako too. The Spriters Resource - Arcade - Denjin Makai - Amazoness

    "Perfect Zako"? For me it's a henchwoman who can kick anyone's ass to protect you. XD
    Note that if they work as a bodyguard of a famous person, they should be attractive for some degree. That will help their boss when he's on TV with them as a background.
  8. ran

    ran Vivacious Visitor

    May 22, 2011
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    I would like to introduce another type of female zako I have been considering for a long time. It is actually a bit similar to petal designed by NNin but I have been thinking of this for over two years. Some of the components refer to news and the travel experience of one of my British friends so I attempt to make this one look a little more realistic.

    Identification: Female martial artists of Chinese gang in Japan
    Due to dramatically increasing number of Chinese residing in Japan, a Chinese gang is naturally formed in Kanto, taking control a wide range of industries, legal or illegal: Chinese restaurants, Marble stores, transport, smuggling, porn shops and filming, underground fighting and corresponding gambling.
    The female artists are the fighting force of the gang. Their source are various, the majority of them were trained to be a martial artist by their family, some others are trained by the gang in Japan and even few of them are Japanese girls who mastered Chinese kung-fu. As trained martial artists they are serious, bold and traditional, as members of gang they are also cruel, changeable and deadly.
    Over half of the female artists are not full-time gangsters, they merely do this as an "risky but exciting" work for good bonus payment. They usually have their own works like cashier in convenience store, waitress in Chinese restaurants and their own lives like going to the university, staying with family or just shopping Japanese anime and game products!
    However, most of the "part-time" female artists still do their other work in the industries owned by the gang. Which is the reason all of the female artists got enough work while the unemployment rate in Japan is extremely high. It is also the reason why the gang allow the female artists work as part-time because they can be ears and eyes of the gang all over the city. If the gang want to take out a target, they just need to pick up the phone and call all female artists nearby. Then, you the target, will find out the girl who just put the drink on your table with a friendly smile one minute ago now dressing in cheongsam and launches her unique skill "Fly swallow" directly on your face!

    Age: 20-40
    The female artists' age vary significantly just like their source. Usually the younger ones (20+) are mainly second-generation Chinese immigrants agreeing to be recruited even since middle school and Chinese overseas students who serve this as a part-time work. Meanwhile, the older ones (30+) are senior and experienced gangsters or females that come to Japan relatively later because of all kinds of reasons. The latter ones who can be accepted by the gang are mostly martial art specialists.

    Body type: Athletic
    Each of the female artists own different styles of Chinese martial arts. Generally, Chinese martial arts does not like to run to an extreme so their bodies are athletic and not too strange in some parts.

    Breast size: variety (B or bigger)
    The size of breasts of Asian women is not as large as Caucasians. Still, since the body size is also smaller than white women. Their breasts seldom seem to be too small especially for these martial artists who always exercise.

    Hair color: black
    Because they are all Chinese (at least all Asian), their hair colors are all black. For those who taught kung-fu by their family, any hair coloring is even more strictly forbidden by their parents.

    Hair style:Various
    Because many female artists have their personal lives outside fighting for the gang, their hari style can't be identical. Still there is no doubt that bun hair style, braid and bingle are the most popular hair style. Among which, bun is so common that it has become the symbol of Chinese female martial artists.

    As stated above, female artists own their personal lives. Their dresses are quite different and depend on location and time. However, they always start fighting in Chinese kung-fu wear. All female artists can switch to this wear within about one minute because they took the clothes everywhere or even just wear them inside ordinary dress.
    The wear is more or less the uniform of female artists to identify themselves. This is very important because fighting usually initiate in streets full of people in different clothes and Mandarin is not enough to identify each other for many opponents are Chinese female as well.

    There are two kinds of uniforms:

    Lower class:
    The lower class kung-fu wear is usually for the younger female martial artists. They are not as experienced and mighty as higher class, but they are energetic and fully committed to the fight.

    Kung-fu short skirt: The simple and traditional sleeveless kung-fu short skirt is usually in green or red. Young martial artists can move freely in it.
    The short skirt can reflect the shape of girls' breasts clearly except tits.

    Cloth belt: Young martial artists cover their bellies with extra cloth belt outside the short skirts. In traditional Chinese medical theory this can keep their belly away from external cold and evil atmosphere which enter the body via navel so their "Qi", an internal energy that enhances their attack force and rigidity of their body, is undisturbed.
    Young martial artists do not like mid riff wear not only because it is opposite to traditional medicine but also they think controlling skin exposure in a appropriate level is more attractive.

    Seven-tenth trousers: All these trousers are white because it represents the purity of a martial art learner. The seventh-tenth design guarantees the coolness of body during battle.
    Usually the trousers are not tight enough to show the sketch of young fighting girls' legs but they will after be immersed by sweat and blood in battle.

    Wristbands: The pair of short wristbands is made of metal and cotton to balance hardness and softness. It can provide basic protection for wrists and absorb external shock.
    Female artists favors wristbands most because they feel "really in a serious fight" when wearing them.

    Cloth shoes: The traditional Chinese cloth shoes act as sport shoes of female artists. They are light and traditional just as other kung-fu wear. Female artists can jump very high and move quickly in these shoes.
    Female artists always wear cloth shoes without socks to show their ankle.

    Weapons: While the majority of female artists use their own body as weapons, many others also use various weapons in the fight. The weapons include blade, sword, bar, nunchakus, T-stick, maces and many other traditional Chinese melee weapons.
    How these girls using weapons masturbate is always a secret but hot topic among female artists.

    The lower class dress is similar to below:

    Higher class:
    The higher class is for senior and experienced female artists, which are usually older. In comparison with the younger ones who throw everything they have in the fight, they fight more calmly and proudly. In addition, some very talented young female artists are promoted and also allowed to wear the high rank uniform. Different from lower class, the dress code of higher class is mature, noble and sexy.
    A lot of high rank female artists always attempt to make some edition on the uniform to make themselves look unique, the gang reject the requirement because it will weaken the function of dress as uniforms. These female artists insist that it will not be noble if everyone looks the exactly same. Considering the might of those high rank fighters and the fact that they risk their lives fighting against the enemy while now they just want to make themselves look better, the gang reach an agreement:
    Changes of small components can be made by female artists individually but the general looking especially cheongsam should remain unchanged.

    Cheongsam: High-slit sleeveless cheongsam made from quality Chinese silk is the main dress of higher class. Its color is usually red, white or purple. The thin silk surface is decorated with embroidery images like phoenix. The cheongasm is properly designed to manifest the exact body of female martial artists. It is not difficult to see the skin under it once the cheongsam is wet in battle.
    Many female artists feel pity that they can't make the cheongsam low-cut to expose their round upper ball. Instead. they try to make the cheongsam "be broken" during fight.
    Younger martial artists are crazy in getting promoted since cheongsam looks so much beautiful. They also welcome the decision that low-cut is not allowed for their balls are usually smaller than the older ones.

    High-heel shoes: The expensive high-heel shoes indicate the pride of high class female artists. Their fighting skill is far enough to overcome the inconvenience of high heel. Finishing off enemies with high heel who laughed at their impractical shoes is preferred by many female artists.
    Different combinations of socks and high-heel shoes are conducted by high class female artists.
    They also tried high-heel sandals to show their painted toes.

    Underpants: Since the cheongsam is high-slit to show the full legs of female fighters, underpant is easy to see during fight. Female martial artists do not mind that at all because martial arts learners should concentrate on battle instead of personal privacy. They chose the underpant carefully to make sure it is not old-fashioned.
    The line of underpant is most important since it always can be seen on exposed root of thigh.

    Gloves: The silk gloves vary according to female martial artists' favors. Fingerless gloves, elbow gloves or no gloves are welcome by different people.

    Weapons: Like low class, many high class martial artists use traditional Chinese melee weapons in fighting. What is different is, high class tend to use weapons that can relieve their dignity such as fans and hidden weapon or their majesty such as long crescent blade and whips.
    Many weapons used by high class might cause strong wind in battle and blowing their cheongsam up.

    The dress of higher class female martial artists is like following:
    37955670.jpg sample_e691fb6a1b5d320b56110a2b7b4c05be32dbb66a.jpg

    I can't post more pictures because the system says my uploaded picture is "undefined" so that is it.
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