Zakolite Imperial Expeditionary Force (RP Thread)


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Dec 3, 2010
In orbit over the planet Amazonis, on the vessel Fist of the Empress...

The Countess Sybaris, a haughty-looking woman in an officer's uniform turns towards the assembled troops and points to the large screen at the front of the briefing room. A static-tinged image springs to life, displaying a tall, busty, scantily-clad woman dressed in a combination of leather straps and cloth, overlaid with a schematic with various notes.

"This will be your opponent on the field of battle. Their ancestors were Zakolite colonists, presumed lost in space centuries ago, but we have recently discovered what has become of them."

The screen switches to a new scene, a bloody battlefield littered with bodies. An amazon stands triumphantly atop a pile of fresh corpses, a cluster of severed heads tied to her belt, a fresh trophy hanging from her upraised fist.

"They have devolved into directionless savagery, divided into tribes at constant war with one other. They practice primitive barbaric bloody rites. They have lost their way. We will subjugate them and tame them. We will bring them back into our fold."

The countess paces, hands clasped behind her back.

"Our probes indicate that they have grown taller and stronger than the average Zakolite citizen and have tamed some of the planet's indigenous wildlife, but they are armed with primitive weapons and have no structure or discipline, no glorious purpose! They will fall before our might in short order."

The screen flickers again, zooming in on the victorious amazon, a manic feral grin on her blood-spattered face.

"Our scouts have indicated that this is one of their most feared warriors. You will land, and in the face of superior numbers you will make an example of her. You will show these barbarians that they are no match for our strength and discipline."

The officer's gaze sweeps over the troops in front of her and she smiles a hungry predator's smile. Then after a thoughtful pause she waves a dismissive hand in the air.

"Oh, and one more thing, ignore any rumours of barbarian magic. Superstitious nonsense, nothing more. The scouts that reported this have been disciplined appropriately."

She raises a clenched fist. "That will be all. I know you won't fail me. To your drop pods. For the Empress!"

She turns, cape swishing behind her, and leaves the room.


The ride down to the planet is uncomfortable as the troops are tightly packed into a drop pod and then sent hurtling down at the planet like a giant bullet. It won't be long before planetfall.


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Aug 15, 2011
"I hate this part... I had this stupid pod... Hate this job, hate this heat... hate this stupid task force or whatever chickenshit name it has. Hate these pants riding into my ass, hate your fucking hair in my face Raven. I hate that this thing is probably gonna' explode before we even hit the ground anyway. Hate you all. By the way are we fucking there yet?!" XIII made no effort to hide her thoughts or concerns or complaints as it were. She wasn't a loyalist, that much was obvious. Given her part in the Darkfall Rebellion, XIII had no love for the Empire or its conquest. Many questioned why she was even allowed to exist at all given her views and mannerisms, that was without going into her history of all the uprisings she caused during Gideon's rebellion against the Empire. The answer wasn't so complicated to those who questioned, she was a good fighter, and she possessed a unique quality to keep her mouth shut about such treasonous talk when authorities were present. XIII was serving a sentence, fight for the Empire or face extinction... it was that simple really. She was no longer a threat to the Empress, and had been fashioned into an asset.

"That's enough XIII, we will be there soon. Perhaps you will do us all the honour of dying first so we do not have to suffer your presence should we survive to witness our journey to homebase." Raven replied. She was a farcry from XIII, loyal, devote, born of nobility despite how low her House once resided during her birth. Her accent was high-born and of the homeworld unlike some colony XIII was born too, her beauty something to behold, something House Wynter was always proud of. With what little space she possessed she fixed her Sniper Rifle, ready for the conflict that awaited. Unlike XIII, Raven chose this path, was proud to serve. Despite her birthright, despite her superior lineage, she did not hold it against those who were below her in social standing. On the contrary, Raven had a soft spot for her teammates. Raven was as down to earth as a noble could be, willing to share bread with lower standing and mingle with her fellow comrades. Here on the battlefield they were all equal, and despite her heritage, Raven could give as good as she got during banter... her well mannered nature carried quite a dry humour in itself.

XIII and Raven made up but two of their squad however... and there were many more crammed in the small space of the one way trip pod. Bodies pressed together, equipment pressing into arms and shoulders as the atmosphere jolted and shook the pod violently. It was only a matter of time before the ramp would slam down into the ground, and all soldiers would be called to arms. It would be interesting to see if the savages could measure up against the technology and tactics of the Empire... and if there was any truth to the whispers that spread between the soldiers. Talk of an unknown force that the Savages possessed... that some dared to call magic.

"Ready up. We all know the drill." Raven spoke, finishing her preparations with her trusted Rifle.

"For the Empress..."


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Jan 5, 2016
Your relatives. Are your relatives. You can not change them. As Empress, you can not change her is your mother, too many of us would not live without her. So and just as if it were the mother of all of us, she dresses us and sends us "commissions".

It's all normal, this spins in Panther's mind, does not like the whole empire in all its forms, but also his home and homeland, and does what he is asked to give up to understand the mind of the empire but He knows things are more complicated than they seem.

Listen to the mission apparently, making a summary. They will have to face the savages, how many of them will die thinking "how did I die for the sake of a primitive?" Phanter saw a lot of death, worse than dying for an arrow.

- "I still have two chapters to read to finish the book ... why did we have to be in advance?" -

Phanter wanted to finish the book before the mission and not leave the honor of another Phanter to finish it. Of course if things were wrong.

The pod, one of the most hated part of the trip. Packed like an animal beside the others, Phanter keeps his eyes closed during the trip, does not want to look at them, none of them. He does not even want to talk.
But the grievances of one of them are too much to be ignored.

Phanter opens his eyes looking at XIII. The girl Reven resumes her immediately.

- "You should be happy to be able to complain, who is not so fortunate, so use your hate against the enemy, if you do this for me you can also complain all day" -

Opening his eyes had seen the faces of all that was a great reason to hate the day, he had been informed of them. And XIII was not the only number.

There is a red-haired girl. Not with any facial expression pointing at the gun, her lips move in a whisper.

-"Point, aim, fire ... kill in his name, obey, still a few seconds"-

4C his mind to mood control systems to allow him not to kill his companions at a time of insanity, but also not to hurt himself. Clears the weapon with obsessive-looking. The Psycologist is looking forward to getting into bat. Only then will his mind be "glossy" and act as he pleases. Obviously within the limits of mental control.
Throughout the day 4C it seemed a vegetable. Only now had he begun to give signs of life. All along the way he answered late questions to his companions, often seemingly absent or pointing to an unknown point.

Only now seemed to have woken up, and intent on being more than a moving target

Phanter makes the Empress's sacred symbol as they are about to land, while C4 finally looks up from the gun.

- "Time to kill" -


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Jul 7, 2017
Einatha shuffled in her seat, gently shoving her neighbours back when they got too close, hissing through her teeth as she finally gives in and presses herself hard against the wall of the drop pod. This was certainly not the young woman’s first drop and today would not be her first ‘death’ but that gave her little comfort.

Covering her nerves under a thick layer of disgust for her newfound companions she jerked her left arm up into the air, announcing to anyone that was listening “This item.” Pausing to give a firm shake of her arm, drawing attention toward the arm mounted Scanning Suite. “Is very important to me, if one of these brutes manages to get the best of me today I would very much like it back.”

Pausing once again as she lowers her arm back down, glancing across the group’s faces to see if anyone is actually listening to her before speaking louder “I will pay you, 30 credits to the woman, man or thing that brings it to me. If you are in a rush I am sure you can just lop my arm clean off at the elbow, a few of you certainly look… Savage enough to pull that off.”

Allowing herself to slip back between her two neighbours Einatha would remain silent for the rest of the journey unless spoken to, fidgeting with the device she would quite openly scan her team members to evaluate their skills.


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Oct 25, 2014
Maya tried to get herself comfort in this cramped pod considering all of the girls inside of it as she wondered just how her first mission would go. She wondered if this would end up being her first *death*. She was really nervous about this whole thing and looked at all her companions wondering what they could do and if they could make it out alive together.


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Dec 3, 2010
1 minute to impact!

The too-cheerful tones of mission control crackle over the drop pod's intercom. The interior white lights flicker, replaced with a bloody red hue. The pod's interior shakes with teeth-rattling intensity as it blasts down through the atmosphere. Suddenly, the pod lurches.

Oh! Um, you seem to have hit some unexpected turbulence. Your landing zone may have been shifted a little... But I'm sure you'll-

There is a hiss of static, and then the Countess Sybaris' cool voice cuts through like a knife.

Whatever setbacks you encounter, I know you won't let the Empress down. This is your chance for honor and glory. Victory or death!

The pod slams down into the ground, grav generators doing their best to ensure its occupants don't end up smeared all over its interior. Despite this, the impact is sudden and shocking.

The drop pod's ramp clangs down, allowing a wave of warm humid air to flood in. Blinding sunlight spills into the pod's cramped interior.

A war cry sounds from the outside. "More of the Star Raiders! Kill them all!"

Declare your actions here, as well as your rolls and the results. Also declare if you're going to end your turn in overwatch.

If you have any questions, PM me or ask in the Discussion thread.

Have fun!
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Jan 5, 2016
C4 pants heavily by caressing his weapon does not pay any attention to the operator's words. As they land, she snaps off wide looking looking for coverage immediately.

Perhaps too excited goes to the left where he can find improves coverage and shoots against enemy archers. Blows the air whith bullet but they do not seem to rip any victim (in case of a blow it only makes 2 damage)

(roll for the hit 7+3 bat i think to have penality for muve. them miss)


Panther seeing the direction of C4 of instinct choose to go to the opposite side. The agile woman slips along the walls by touching the redhead.
Just a touch of each other while with a twig the woman junps in a bunch of boulders and pulls out the gun. her aim... does well for the purpose.

The Ammazon are almost all in sight seeking one of the nearest Enemis. A precise blow to the woman's chest, the fierce charge of the killer moves quickly into uncertain steps. Confused expression. And then falls on his knees then face. The warrior's breast crushed by her own weight. Straight as a spindle. Only a few spasms from an illusion of life.

The zako sighs, "less 1 misses all the others"

Panther would keep the bill. He had to report on that too.

(Hit 16+3)(damage 1d6=4) (frist blood for panther XD)


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Jul 7, 2017
Einatha closes her eyes tightly as the drop pod approaches the ground, all too aware of the chance that she will not survive the landing. Glancing down over her body she would give every appendage a shake before undoing her straps.

Her tone was notably softer than before as she called out to the rest of the team. “Is everyone ok?” Before she could stand however it was made clear that there was no time for a friendly chat, some soldiers already making their way out to face the charging barbarians.

Trying to find a central position Einatha would remain in cover behind the wall of the drop pod, exposing herself only slightly to ‘sight’ the closest Amazon spearwoman. “The beastriders should be our priority; we don’t know what they are capable of.” Glancing back into the drop pod she would try to examine the team, trying to sniff out signs of cowardice.


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Aug 15, 2011
"Fuck this..." XIII spoke, purposely knocking into Einatha as she raced out of the drop pod. She was tired of being trapped within that infernal drop pod next to so many bodies. Her skin was already glistening with sweat given the A/C unit had long been knocked for six during the bumpy drop. The air had been stale and the humidity was unbearable. Given the exotic world beyond the confines of the pod, the humidity barely changed, but the air was fresh and it was good to move. Having little patience at the best of times, XIII wanted to get this mission over and done with. If she was lucky she might get killed early to save having to deal with yet another battle.

Arrows flew past her head and shoulder as she raced for cover, seeing the enemy dead ahead when her eyes finally adjusted to the bright light. XIII smiled a dark smile. Star Raiders? She quite liked the label. Perhaps it was time to step up to such a name and show the natives just what she was capable of. XIII was never shy to battle, and she had little regards for slow tactical approaches. She liked to rush, get a deep position and unload whatever weapon was in her hand until she was dead or she ran out of god damn bullets. Of course she had a sword for that if the ammunition depleted or any bitch got too close to her.

"C'mon you fucking shit scared weasels!! They're over here! Let's get 'em!" XIII declared. She felt the brush of an arrow slip past her armoured chest, seeing a close amazon warrior notching another arrow. Already at good sprinting speed, XIII used the momentum to drop low and let her body be carried by natural forces along the ground until she found... or rather near crashed into cover. With her shotgun drawn, XIII rose upwards to the hail of arrows, pointing the barrell of her shotgun towards the nearest Barbarian she could see. It was only a young woman, who had barely finished readying her arrow when she looked to see a dark smile on the Red haired warriors lips.
"You're so fucked..." XIII whispered before pulling the trigger.

[XIII moves and fires upon Arrow Barbarian. Roll 17 = Hit. Roll 1D10 for shotgun damage = 10]


Raven shook her head upon XIII's antics. It was no wonder she had one of the highest death rates in the squad, however none could deny that she did not serve a purpose. XIII whether she meant to or not often drew a lot of flak and firepower, it was not uncommon however for XIII to drop dead before she had even cracked off that damable shotgun of hers. Raven could not help but speculate who was the more barbaric in this assault, the natives or the likes of XIII who took far too much enjoyment in battle. A farcry to XIII, Raven had a much more reserved approach to combat, letting the frantic ones rush out first before she took her leave. She might have left the pod sooner, but her weapon required more preperation and care.

She set up her Sniper Rifle as she walked from the pod, calibrating the sights and making sure the barrel was well adjusted. After attaching the scope, Raven glanced up. Seeing mere arrows and bows beyond spears daggers and swords, she was confident she was not yet in range of their primitive weaponry. As such she found a good location for cover, anticipating the distance would be closed soon with the numbers surrounding them. With a few clicks and a hard slap of the clip, Raven was set up, taking the time to brush a little hair from over her eyes before she eased the rifle down against the rocks. Her sharp eye pressed against the scope until she could see down the lense, and slowly she began to scan the surrounding area.

Patience was a virtue for Raven, and as such she waited for the enemy to slip into range, keeping an eye on her comrades, looking to pop off any barbarian that came into range of any of her allies.

[Raven moves and goes into Overwatch]


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Dec 3, 2010
The rest of the squad spills out from the drop pod. Trauma takes up a position near Raven, hefting his kinetic maul. Deepstrike arcs up through the air, the jets of his jump armor sparking as he lands in cover in a forward position. He pops up over a rock and fires at a berserker, scoring a hit, but it's not enough to bring her down and she screams in fury.

Beta blinks in surprise as Grace's targeting data feeds into her visor. One of the warriors is highlighted in bright red and Beta swings her carbine over towards her. The optical camouflage of her stealth suit flickers as she opens fire on the warrior Grace scanned.

The warrior jukes to the side, then rolls the other way, dodging Beta's fire, as well as the crack of Raven's sniper rifle.

Jaguar sneers at the missed attacks and blasts at the warrior with her shotgun, but the barbarian is approaching too fast and jukes her aim, ducking the shotgun blast.

With a battlecry, the spear-wielding warrior puts all her momentum behind the spearhead and slams it into Jaguar's abdomen. Despite the thickness of her assault armor, the spear crunches through it, stabbing through Jaguar's flesh. Jaguar kicks the warrior away with a scream of pain and rage, tearing the spear free, blood spurting from the puncture.

Meanwhile, the berserker Deepstrike shot leaps towards him, screaming and swinging wildly. One of her slashes wounds him in the arm.

The barbarian archers step forward and let loose. A rain of arrows descend on the Zakolites, but the hail is inaccurate. Only one arrows thuds into a joint in Trauma's armor. With a grunt, he snaps it off.

The spearwomen charge forward, but are overtaken by the bloodthirsty berserkers. They charge into the Zakolite formation, hacking and slashing. One attacks XIII but she parries with her rifle, while another dodges around Trauma's heavy strikes and lands a hit, but her axe merely bounces off his superior armor.

Finally, the Megaraptor riders kick their mounts into a charge. The riders stab with their spears, but their attacks prove just as ineffective as their brethren. The real danger, however, are the raptors.

One of them lands in front of Deepstrike and kicks him with a deadly foreclaw. It buries itself into his chest, just below the sternum, cutting easily through his light jump armor, and then tears downwards, eviscerating. He falls backwards, choking on blood as his innards slide out the front of his body. And then the raptor leans over and begins tearing through his insides with its teeth.

His screams echo across the battlefield as the next raptor rider leaps at Jaguar. She parries the rider's blows, but the raptor slashes at her torso, tearing through armor and flesh. The front of her chest is ragged mess of blood and flesh, leaving a ragged furrow of gore, and she staggers backwards.

Another rider dashes at Trauma. Once again, the rider's attacks are easily blocked, but the raptor latches one foreclaw onto his arm and pulls and tears, nearly taking it off.

The last rider charges towards Trauma and Raven's position.
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Jan 5, 2016
The assault of the amazons is violent arrows fly from all sides, which does not touch 4C, in fact other companions have gone further by attracting the enemy fire. As far as Panther is concerned with his training and equipment and always the least of the problems.

But once the mighty amazon arrives begin to strike, some companions are severely wounded. While one to the worst. The first dead of the day between their team.

Probably all had seen the danger of the Megaraptor. But 4C can see very well what this monster can do.
Raiders and dinosaurs reveal themselves as a true melee machine. The hits collapse one after the other on the victim who hurls up and writhes like a worm.

4C fell his knees trembling at that show, the monster is relatively close to her and on the face written "then touches you" the redhead feels a bite in the guts to that thought, is not strong enough to kill that monster but maybe he can do it Escape or scare by killing his knight.

The red hand stretches and slowly clutches the air. The beautiful amazons feels something that holds her tightly around her throat, starts to shake, shaking the powerful breasts, then a wrist movement. As if wanting to follow the red hand of the red neck and Amazonne's head follows the movement turning right.


A noisy sound feels the woman with an unbelieving look, she now looks at the world with her head dangling on one side. A little buzz runs off her lips. While the hand drops the spear. The body soon goes down on the back of the dinosaur like a lot of potatoes.

4C stands out at the cumulus of stones, feels the head turn around like a dense. He already feels his ability to control his powers weaken but, perhaps he still has a shot before he can become dangerous to use his skills, of course he must survive the Megaraptor before he decides to avenge his mistress.


Her hear cries and shouts to the left, it seems that he is not well off that side despite the number of people employed at that point. Yet their side seems to be a catastrophe. Panther sighs, figuring he probably dies today. But not without doing what they have been trained to do. Kill.

The shock of the Amazonian force does not come in full power, but enough to severely injure the girl who had cast like a bastion in the opening to defend their improvised cover. Wound but not dead. His presence distracts panther with the tail of the eye keeps staring at it. It's already dead meat.

Panther sees the mighty dinosaur tormenting and two amazons prepare for the final blow, another dinosaur approaching another armed girl with two axes. That's when Panther notes the point. If her can strike it, it may ease their clash a bit. The hand looks for the grenade, the quill is pulled and thrown.

The grenade makes a bow landing in the middle of the two Megaraptors, in the midst of you have enemies, a second after the explosion happens. A deafening noise, debris rises, Panther has to cover his face, the explosion was very close.

When everyone calms down the two dinosaurs they are still there, one is practically left inlevel. While the other at a bad wound on the side. The amazons are lying on the ground. The explosion made one of the riders flay who now lying on his back, bust and face wounded unmoved by one millimeter. The girl with two axes and lying on one side. An arm was ripped from the explosion. While the last one hangs beside her beast. The foot trapped in the bridle, shoulders and head caress the ground.

A note of pride paints on Panther's face proud of the damage done to the enemy row


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Aug 15, 2011
Raven lowered her sight after letting a round leave the chamber of her Sniper Rifle. There was no doubt a sense of arrogance in this notion from Raven who was confident in her shooting abilities, but the other part was that the battleground was constantly changing, namely people were dying all around her. She watched XIII become overwhelmed by the savages. She fought well as expected, unbested when it came to one on one after her Shotgun decimated the head of one archer before her sword was punged into an attacking Barbarian, opening her up like a lamb being slaughtered. It was an impressive display of combat as it was gruesome, but her impressive prowess was cut short by sheer weight of numbers. XIII tried to beat the savages at their own game, and ultimately it cost the fiery red head her life.

An arrow buried deep into her shoulder, managing to penetrate the plate of her armour. The flinch of pain was capitalised by two fighters, who managed to plunge their spears into her. Raven caught site of XIII trying to reach for the grenade on her belt, no doubt looking to go out with a bang... but the life left her before she could pull the pin, and before long she was kicked from the spear to free the weapon. XIII was dead before she hit the ground, collapsing unceromoniously into the grass, as a pool of blood that near matched her hair slowly gathered around her corpse. It did not spread far as their was no heart beat to pump it. Raven sighed under her breath. XIII was far too reckless... to eager to die and be done with it. She no doubt considered these missions more of a burden then an honour... that was something that had to change.

Screams began to sound around Raven, and before long more of her allies had fallen. They had underestimated the enemy... that much was obvious now. The pod had landed and they were instantly overrun before they could even establish a perimeter. Raven relied on a strong defence and it was crushed in an instant... her rifle was little good so upclose. She'd barely finished swinging it over her shoulder when she noticed two spear women breaking through the front line to come and gut her. With wide eyes Raven made the best use of her lack of armour, managing to move with speed and evade a thrust towards her exposed stomach before ducking under a swing aimed for her delicate throat.

Her pistol was already unholstered by the time she rose, and Raven managed to fire off a round that buried into the skull of the closest spear bearer, before passing through the back of her head in a grusome explosion of sinew, bone and flesh. Raven kicked the lifeless Spearwoman out of her path before the body could even comprehend it was suppose to fall, scrambling through the opening to rejoin those that still lived. She heard the sounds of shouting and crying, barely having time to scan the surroundings... she only glanced at a Raptor ripping one of her allies to shreds as savages began to overrun the line. Raven dashed towards the gunfire, her comrades were the only ones who possessed them and that meant some people still lived.

Raven reloaded her pistol as she dashed... she wondered if she would get a chance to use her Sniper Rifle again. It would be nice to nail one more of the Savages before the end. It took Raven one glance to know they were beaten. Too many had died in the first assault taking out too few... this mission was a failure, Raven was simply intent on taking out as many as she could before they were completely overrun. The difference between them and the enemy was... they would return, they would fight again... each Savage they dropped were dead and gone. Raven was certain of one thing however, she wasn't going to let them take her alive.

"Regroup! We make our final stand here!" Raven declared, shooting in the air to get the attention of her comrades. "Fire... then fall back, then fire again for as long as you can! Let us remove as many of these vermin as we can before the end!"

Previous Turn
XIII melee'd with sword against Berseker
Rolling 10 to hit after all modifiers
Rolling 9 damage from 2D 6, killing Beserker

Raven shot at northen most Raptor,
Rolling 18 after modifiers and scoring a critical after modifers
14 Damage was scored after all modifers against Raptor

Present Turn
Raven used Heavy Pistol against Spearwoman
Rolling 10 after all modifers
Raven managed to inflict 6 damage after modifers on Spearwoman killing her before moving eastward to rejoin her allies.


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Oct 25, 2014
Maya/Gold had to watch all of her allies fight and go down around her. She didn't know what to think or do. She knew they would just end up in another body but it didn't make the sight of allies dieing any better. She saw the amazons approaching all around her and realized this was definitely it. She couldn't move her feet at all as she was frightened by the number of enemies.

She didn't want to let her allies down though and decided she could try and get one shot in as she takes aim at an amazon with her assualt rifle. She barely managed to land her attack as the bullets took down her target but now she was surrounded with no help as Raven was also injured. She knew that this would be her end.


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Dec 3, 2010
With a bellow, Trauma follows up Panther's grenade and crushes the Megaraptor's skull with his kinetic maul.

Fixated on the warrior who wounded her, Jaguar focuses on her to the exclusion of everything else. She fires, and the shotgun blast catches her in the stomach. The warrior drops to her knees, coughing up blood, spear falling to the ground. Jaguar, cursing at the pain of her wounds, the fight, and this amazon in general, walks over, heedless of the rider nearby, picks up the spear, and rams it down the warrior's throat, straight through her body, impaling her in a kneeling position.

Trying to keep her meat shie- squadmates alive, Beta aims and fires her medgun at Jaguar, hitting.

"What the fuck!? Warn me next time, you bitch!" Jaguar turns and shouts at Beta, as the dart thumps into her at the base of her neck, a cocktail of drugs flooding her system and coagulating her wounds. Beta winces.

Gold takes aim and manages to wing a nearby berserker, but the shot only serves to drive her further into a berserker rage.

The remaining archers loose arrows at the squad. One arrow bounces off XIII’s armor, but the other finds a gap and sinks into her flesh, causing critical damage. Another arrow bounces off Jaguar’s armor as well, failing to find any purchase.

The spearwomen surge forwards! Two charge at XIII. Busy fending off two attackers at once, an arrow still sticking out of her, she isn't able to stop one of the barbarians from impaling her through the stomach with her spear. She falls to her knees, blood spilling from her mouth, dropping her weapon and weakly grasping at the spear shaft in her midsection. She lifts one arm, perhaps imploringly, perhaps to grab at her attacker, but the barbarian merely shoves her off her spear shaft. XIII flops backwards over her bent legs, arms sprawled wide.

More charge at Jaguar, attempting to avenge their comrade. One of them manages to stab her through a chink in her armor while the other bounces off ineffectually. Another couple charge at Raven, who manages to fend them off.

The remaining berserkers charge. The first one heads for 4C, consumed by her berserk rage. Her axe cleaves through 4C’s armor, wounding her severely. Another berserker attacks Trauma. She moves fast, before Trauma can get his guard up. The first axe slides up between his legs, crunching through his armor and turning his nether regions into a mess of gore. Blood and urine spill out as he drops to his knees, screaming. The second axe comes down on his neck and silences him. The berserker steps forward and holds his head up high, screaming victoriously, blood dribbling all over her.

The last berserker investigates where the grenade came from and spots Panther, crouched behind cover, nearly invisible with her stealth suit. With a cry of rage, the berserker goes in swinging but Panther parries her almost disdainfully.

Finally, the Megaraptors act! The first raptor, lacking a raider, charges the closest target - 4C. It leaps forward, pinning 4C to the ground. Before she can shoot it off or use her telekinesis, it rakes one claw across her abdomen, opening her insides up to the air. She screams once, before the raptor reaches into her midsection and rips out a huge loop of intestine. Her head falls backwards, face slackening. Her body shifts and twitches as the megaraptor buries its face into her torso, digging out choice bits.

Distracted by her kill, Jaguar doesn't notice another raptor and its rider charge at her back. She only just starts turning around when the rider's spear, driven with strength and momentum, puncture easily through her back. Most of the spear's length emerges from her chest slamming diagonally into the ground in front of her. The rider rides by, leaving Jaguar impaled semi-upright, screaming. The screams soon fade into weak, muttered cursing, and Jaguar dies, her head and limbs falling limp, suspended beside the warrior she impaled.

The last, riderless raptor circles around the rock formation and stumbles on Panther. Her attention on the wild berserker in front of her, Panther doesn't notice the raptor perched on the rocks until too late. It leaps at her as she spins around, sword and pistol raised, and then one sharp foreclaw digs into her forehead, bearing her down. Her head slams backwards into the ground, limbs kicking up. The raptor's claw drives deep into her skull through the impact. Her body arches, held up by her head and her tiptoes, her arms shuddering and twitching in a mockery of life as the raptor's claw punctures her brain, triggering random nerves. Her trigger finger spasms, and her pistol goes off towards the berserker. The raptor pulls its leg back - and with a sickening pop, Panther's head goes with it - and then leans down to feast. The berserker dives to the side, avoiding the errant bullets.

Seeing the squad crumbling around her, Grace slashes at the spearwoman in front of her then falls back towards the remaining surviving Zakolites - Beta, Gold, and Raven.

Panicking, Beta fires at the nearest hostile target, but her shots only serve to kick up dirt. Gold manages to finish off the berserker she’d previously wounded.

All the remaining archers step forward and loose at the closest non-stealthed target: Grace. Arrows rain down on her, and she soon finds herself staring at three feathered shafts sticking out of her torso. She staggers back, falling to one knee. Grace struggles to stand, raising her sword, mouth open, about to say something, and then one last arrow flies in and punctures her throat. Whatever words she was about to say come out instead as a gout of blood, and she reaches up with shaking hands towards the arrow skewering her windpipe. She turns and takes a stumbling step back towards her comrades, then her eyes roll up, and she collapses to the ground, dead, blood leaking from her slack mouth.

Eager for more blood, the surviving spearwomen rush forward. Beta backpedals, eyes wide with fear as two spearwoman descend on her. She raises her rifle, but before she can fire one amazon knocks it aside then stabs her through the chest. Beta can only look down and gape at the shaft emerging from her sternum, and then the second amazon stabs her through her open mouth. Beta's eyes bulge, and then her features slacken in the embrace of death. With a grunt, the second amazon tears her spear free, Beta's head still impaled upon it.

One of the last surviving berserkers rush at Gold. With nowhere to run, she raises her rifle to shoot her attacker, but the barbarian reaches her first. An axe descends on her collarbone, tearing through flesh and bone. Gold falls to her knees, helpless to stop the amazon in front of her from winding up exaggeratedly with both axes. She swipes in a scissoring cross slash, and Gold’s head tumbles to the side. Her body remains upright for a moment, blood spurting from her neck, then topples over.

Surrounded by dead enemies and comrades, Raven tries to make her last stand, but she is cut down unceremoniously by a charging raptor rider. The mounted spearwoman rides by with incredible speed, impaling Raven through the back and carrying her body along. Most of her, anyways - Raven’s lower body remains standing and takes an awkward drunken step forward, before collapsing to its knees and falling over.


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Dec 3, 2010
Waking up as a clone is similar to waking from an intense dream. Different people react differently - some waking suddenly, sweating and breathing heavily, while others wake slowly and fitfully. While your life before entering the clone program stand firm, the memories of your previous clone soon fade into half-remembered dreams that flit at the edge your memory.

The Countess Sybaris stands arms crossed before your cloning pods as they open one by one, taking the time to glare icily at each person as they wake.

"I expected better of you. A true daughter of the Empress would persevere through any circumstance and against any odds. I expect to see you suited up and ready to leave within the hour. Your mission is not yet complete."

And with that, her image flickers and disperses.

You guys did really well considering how much I screwed you over with your landing zone. The next mission will give you more time to set up your positions and prepare.


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Jan 5, 2016
the aweking clone hear to an applause, a woman from athletic body becomes a place instead of the olgram that has just reproached you.

"Girls, do not lisen hologram, you've been beaten well, but her have a clue about something ... we have not finished yet"

The woman has her purple hair and she is armed with heavy armor, fish and shield looks like a medieval knight armed so close to one of the capsules, and takes a paper sack that was attached close by.

"This is for a reason, you may have a panic attack or want to vomit, especially if it's the first time your colne is awakened, breathe in and you'll be fine"

Angel is facing them in front of the newly-raised girls, carefully watching them, one in particular, but for now she does not approach her seeing that she is busy doing something else.

"From this moment I am part of your unit, if you need help let me know, my code name is Angel"

Gentle and affectionate it seems this newcomer.


Panther wakes up with a single, powerful breath while her eyes open wide, a few seconds behind her in the capsule, the sounds of the other wrap her up. she sat down and then went out, his body wrapped in delicate strips of white cloth that covered just the intimate parts, did not seem cen disturb her.

The girl is not interested in the talk of the hologram, from a look at what the woman says if she is presented as Angel. She looks at her intently and then gives her back, and takes a book she had put near the cabin where her clone would awaken in case. As long as memory does not abandon it completely Panther marks everything that has happened on the field, or what her remembers.

Black-haired beauty rises by doing a bit of streccing to rejuvenate the circulatory system and then ignore all her companions and not say a word to go to the armory where she would be back for the fight.


4C can not get out of his capsule yet. But feel inside the shouts as if someone had woken up from a bad dream, immediately decimated by the money at his disposition in the red are instantly implanted the limiters to calm it down. 4C stops shouting quickly, remembering little to death as she slips outside her capsule by sitting next to her.

Her breathes heavily, does what Angel suggests, taking the sachet and spurring in to calm himself. He seems to be looking at the companions a bit intimidated then talking.

"They did the ass? okay 2nd round ..."

4C gets upset, going to get back together exactly as before.


Meanwhile, if somebody is going to armory to arm, they will see a girl , a pretty young, well-groomed young gir with two different colors hair. A very distinctive iniform her have, seems tailor-made for her.

"How can you not replicate my uniform? Lissen well if you aloe one of my clone wear, a second-hand dress you go in very deep truble, it's clear!?"

The girl moves away with annoying cheating on the inefficiency of the staff while taking a weapon she also has clearly changed. Rocket launchers and LMGs together. The weapon is as big as her. You can clearly see that it is its only equipment plus two spare Rockets.

The little peacock, greet her companions as elegant as the lashing bow, as if to emphasize that her lineage or elegance makes her better than them, just a troop of infantry. Takes the capsule in the first place to take the best place while putting itsexplosive weapon safely.

Nobody wants to explode before the arrival.


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Aug 15, 2011
XIII woke suddenly, her eyes shooting open, her hand reaching for a grenade that was no longer there. The humidity vanished in an instance, pain began to fade away and though a bright light remained it was much less harsh and instead a spotlight. XIII looked down to see that the spear had vanished from her chest along with the arrows that had buried deep into her armour to penetrate her flesh. Her armour was gone too, as XIII was clad in little more then a grey sports bra like top that coated her chest and boyshorts. The rest of her body was left bare, revealing XIII's athletic and well defined figure, fine tuned over years of combat and perfectly cloned.

There was no sense of relief from XIII however, as immediately she began to punch at the glass, shouting to be released as a rage overcome her. It happened every time... XIII did not fear death, how could one do so when you knew a clone was waiting for your mind to inhabit that matched your original body to near perfection. What XIII did not like was the cloning chamber. It brought back too many memories. When Gideon's Rebellion fell to the Empire, XIII was spared from death to endure an entire decade of torture. Often her body was broken down and ripped apart, only for her to be cloned for the process to start again. Penance for her part in the Rebellion, something she was still paying for now by serving the Zakolite Empire. When her chamber was finally opened, XIII stepped out and struck hard the first attendant that was in range, knocking them out cold before hitting the chamber with another fist.

"Fucking bastards!" XIII shouted, finally finding some amount of calm now that she was free of the chamber. It was the chamber she hated the most as it was what she used to wake up in before the torture began anew with a fresh body. It was of no surprise to her that the team got little more then a mild grilling from their command. Normally they would get chewed out, individuals would be singled out and punished to make an example of. XIII was usually up against the wall just for the sake of it if anything went wrong, but all they got was a slap on the wrist. That was the telltale sign that command had fucked up. Of course they would never openly admit to that, they were command after all, but when all they could say was "do better" it meant someone on their end has made an error. XIII smiled at that thought, she knew it was all wrong when the enemy were at their doorstep the moment the door opened up.

XIII didn't mind that, meant she could get stuck in, but a good deal of the special snowflakes in their team needed time to establish a perimeter, do their nails and their hair, polish their weapons. Speaking of special snowflakes, XIII was on her way to get her equipment when she noticed one of the cloning chambers had yet to open. She looked to see Raven in there, a specimen to behold in her chamber with little clothing on, like sleeping beauty. XIII shook her head, she usually found a way to die beautifully. She was supposedly from House Wynter, a house that had grown in standing in recent years ever since Raven was born. Apparently she was royalty... far down on the pecking order but Royalty none the less. Lucky little bitch that she was, she was born with beauty and standing. However XIII couldn't help but frown when there was no indication of the clone of Raven waking up. Looking across to the other pods, she realised the same for Maya who still remained in slumber.

"Umm... guys? We might have a small problem." XIII spoke, beginning to slide on her armour as she looked at the chamber. If the clone was not waking up it could only mean one thing.


Raven felt her feet being dragged from under her as the Raptor bit down on her Sniper Rifle attached to her back. It ragged her towards more of the Savages before pulling hard, tearing the rifle from her back, taking Raven's flak jacket with it. Raven rolled to her feet, still clad in a grey sports bra despite losing her jacket. She pulled out her pistol, spinning around as the Raptor tore at her jacket and broke her gun in half by clamping down with its jaws. Before Raven could pull the trigger, the Rider on the Raptors back thrusted her spear down, managing to ram it straight into Raven's shoulder. The Zakolite shouted out, being forced into the ground as the blade penetrated flesh and brought her down. The spear rose, tearing out of her shoulder before coming down again. This time however it clashed into the grass below, as Raven managed to roll out of the way.

She clambered to her feet, clutching her bleeding shoulder. In the pain and confusion she'd dropped her pistol, and it lay a few feet from her. The Raptor roared out, its Rider thrusting her spear into the air and chanting, standing over the pistol. Raven looked around frantically, finding that she was the only one left she could see. The Savages had gathered around, all holding spears and blades, surrounding Raven in a circle. The Zakolite heard a scream in the distance, wondering if someone else was still alive. Even if they were, they were in trouble. The savages began to chant and cheer, slamming their spears into the earth to make a beat or clashing their blades together. The Raptor and its rider retreated into the crowd, leaving Raven in its center.

She breathed heavily, her skin glistening with sweat from the heat as her hair draped over her eyes. She crouched down and within the side of her boot managed to slide out a knife, standing on guard and slowly turning as the crowd continued to chant. She knew her gun still lay on the ground, and slowly began to edge towards it. However, before she could reach the weapon, the savages nearby it began to part ways and make way for another. This savage was not like the rest, it was one Raven instantly recognised. She was no taller than the rest of her kind, though she was powerfully built, wearing heavy shoulder pads decorated with bones. A thin leather strap was wrapped around her breasts, barely containing them as matching bottoms covered her modesty. Her shins and forearms were covered in leather, whilst skulls donned the small pikes she had attached to her shoulder pads.

It was the Savage Champion, there was no mistake. Much to Raven's alarm, she carried a head in one hand, bloodied and pulped with a fair section of spine still attached. It was too hard to tell who it was as the blood had soaked into the hair and the face had mostly been crushed. Being dragged in the other hand by the back of her neck was Maya. She looked badly beaten, bruised and unmoving. Raven would have thought her dead if it wasn't for the deep breathing she saw when the Champion dropped her down to the ground. She roared triumphantly, spurning on a cheer from the surrounding crowd. It was near deafening, but they all slammed their weapons down in repeated succession, creating a damning percussion that spread the word of their victory here. The Champion undid her shoulder pads, letting them crash to the grass with a disturbingly heavy thud. She wiped blood from the skull before tossing the excess blood to splatter across the side of Raven's face and shoulder. She gasped out in disgust.

The Zakolite grimaced, feeling the dread of defeat. There was no telling what tribal nonsense this was, whether it was some pitiful ritual or simple mocking. The savage began to talk some native language, pointing accusingly at Maya who lay wounded and beaten on the ground to cheers, before turning to look at Raven, motioning towards her and then herself. There was some cheering, but Raven's eyes were on the pistol just below the Champion's feet. She would not tolerate this humiliation any more. Raven dashed low despite how much it pained her wounded shoulder, managing to roll under the champion and take up her pistol. She aimed it towards were the Champion stood and found she was not there. Raven realised all too late that the Champion was named so by her savages for a reason, and felt a crushing strike hit her hand, near breaking it, knocking the pistol harmlessly into the crowd. Raven span around, knowing there was no time to acknowledge the pain. With knife in hand she tried to bury it into the heart of the Champion, shouting out in determination. The blade never reached the flesh...

Raven grimaced, tried to push forwards with all of her strength, but the grip on her wrist prevented any movement. The Champion stood with a sadistic smile, saying something in her native tongue which Raven assumed was an insult given the condescending tone. Raven gasped out when the Champion brought her other hand to grasp the blade, before simply crushing it, breaking it into several steel splinters that fell against the ground. Raven threw a punch with her free and sore hand, but all she did was damage it further against the powerful jaw of the Savages most renowned. It seemed to amuse her significantly, whilst Raven struggled to free her wrist. Had she have known she was so outmatched she might have used the gun on Maya and herself... She cursed under her breath for not having that foresight.

Raven's beautiful face soured with an expression of disgust once more when the Champion brought her close, licking the blood she had previously flung at her from the side of her face. Despite having a near broken hand, Raven tried to respond with another left hook, one that did more damage to her hand and shoulder then anything else. Massive arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her into an embrace. Raven felt her feet leave the ground as her bare stomach press into the Champion's chest. Pain began to take over her capacity for rational thought when the Champion's arms slowly began to crush her in a bearhug. The pressure against her lower spine caused her to arch back, prying uselessly against the insanely strong grip of her enemy.

She tried to press her thumbs into the Champion's eyes, but received only a powerful gruelling squeeze for her efforts. Raven arched again, almost deaf to the sounds of cheering as the Champion crushed her in a gruelling display of strength. A few muffled cricks sounded from Raven's spine as the energy was sapped out of her. She thought, almost hoped that the Champion would break her spine and be done with it, so that she may reawaken in the cloning chamber. As Raven began to slowly go limp, waiting for the end... it never came. Instead she was lowered face to face with the Champion who said something she would probably never understand. Her grip changed to be more suffocating then bone breaking, feeling the Champion's powerful form grind and press against her own during the embrace. The only mercy came when Raven finally passed out, slumping against the Champion... a captive along with Maya.
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